OnePlan Release Notes - October 20, 2023

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!

Enterprise Permissions

  • Sharing plans with teams is now easier than ever.  Previously plans could only be shared with individual resources one by one.
  • You can create teams of resources to represent departments, divisions, groups, scrum teams, etc.  A new option will show in the resource center to allow you to create and manage teams.
  • When sharing a plan with others, you will now be able to share with individuals or teams of resources.  If you add a resource to a team, they will automatically have access to all plans that have been shared with that team.
  • You can now easily check users permissions to a plan.  In the share with screen, you can select a user and easily see what permissions they have to that plan.
  • When applying a Team Member Plus license to a Security Group, you can now control advanced permissions for that group.  This allows you to choose which apps and areas you would like to be visible to users in the security group.

Plan Notifications

  • You can now create your own portfolio and plan-level notifications.  Previously, you were only able to opt in or out of the out-of-the-box notifications.
  • Users with "Manage Data" permissions (typically owners and managers) can create global notifications across all or many plans.  
  • Plan owners can create notifications around plans they own.  
  • Notifications can be triggered when a field changes, when a date passes, or when a process step changes.  This allows you to be notified when important plan updates occur.

OnePlan Authentication

  • You can now invite users to collaborate with you without requiring them to be added to your company's Office 365/Azure Active Directory.  These users can be contractors, customers, or whoever you would like to collaborate with who is outside of your company.  This feature will be off by default.  You will need to opt into it if you choose to use this feature.

Portfolio Modeler

  • If you are an owner of a model, you can now update/save views for that model.  Previously only people with "Manage Data" permissions (typically owners and managers) could save views in models.

Project Connect

  • When publishing Microsoft Project Pro Desktop scheduled to OnePlan, only fields that are not mapped will be editable.  Previously all fields were read only.
  • You can now save baselines in OnePlan on schedules that are being managed in Microsoft Project Pro Desktop.  Previously the save baseline option was disabled.

Work Plan

  • If you insert a template, your work plan will now be auto-saved.  Schedule calculations and roll ups will automatically be run. You can then adjust it as needed.  Previously you needed to click save after installing a template.

Backup Utility

  • The backup utility will now be able to backup plan notifications.  This is useful if you are creating a copy of your OnePlan group and would like the notifications to persist in the new group.
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