OnePlan Release Notes - June 9, 2023

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!

Work Planner

  • You can now create work plan notifications.  Notifications can be sent immediately, or in a daily or weekly summary.  The notifications are configurable. For example, you could send a notification to the assigned resource if a task is not yet complete, and the due date has passed.  You could send a notification when a resource is assigned to a task.  Notifications can be global (for all plans), or just for you/your plan.
  • You can now bulk edit work items.  For example, you could select multiple tasks and update their status to completed.
  • You can now assign resources to tasks much easier.  Simply drag and drop resources from the new resource grid or from the resource usage window.
  • You can now create and update muti-choice work plan fields.
  • When using the filter choice field option (cascading choice fields), the filters now work in the work plan list view.  Previously, this only worked in the quick edit form.
  • If you have executive-level permissions, you can now only save personal views.  previously you could save global views.
  • If you split a task, and then delete the split tasks, the task will automatically be changed back to a normal task. Previously you would need to delete and recreate the task.
  • When copying and pasting tasks, timesheet hours will no longer be copied to the new tasks.
  • When using the add subtask option in the work item contextual menu, all work item types are now available.
  • You can now create baseline duration fields (for example Baseline1 Duration).
  • You can now add and update the inactive field from the work plan list view.

Sofia - AI Chatbot Assistant

  • Sofia can now provide insights on @OnePlanData in my work.
  • Sofia can now provide insights on @OnePlanData in the work plan Kanban board.
  • Sofia can now provide insights on @OnePlanData in the portfolio Kanban board and portfolio roadmap.
  • Sofia can now provide insights on @OnePlanData in the portfolio modeler analyze window.
  • Sofia can now answer questions about the company website.
  • A copy button has been added to easily copy and paste text responses created by Sofia.
  • You can now view audit logs that are more than a month old.  Previously, you could only view up to a month in the past.


  • The initial load of OnePlan is now faster than ever before.  This is especially true when loading groups that have thousands of resources.
  • If you try to filter on a choice field with thousands of choices, it will no load the choices much faster.


  • You can now report on work item dependencies.  There is a new table named "TaskDependency" which can be joined to tasks to visualize dependencies.


  • You can now update the status of a time off request via the time off PATCH API call. 
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