OnePlan Release Notes - August 5th - August 30th 2019

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Release Overview

  • Resource Planner Improvements
    • When using resource negotiations, replacing a resource that has already been approved will restart the approval process (previously it stayed approved).
  • Financial Planner
    • Able to set up to 10 decimal places for exchange rates (previously was 4 decimals).
  • Portfolios
    • Able to select all plan types instead of one at a time.
    • Able to select a pre-filter.  This filter will stick as you change from one portfolio view to the next.  For example, you could filter for a specific department, program, or program increment.
    • Able to configure what fields are editable in each plan type.  Fields that are not configured for specific plan type will now show as read only in the editable grid and details form.
    • Able to roll-up and compare costs at different plan levels.  For example, you can compare the project costs to a programs cost to make sure you do not exceed the programs budget.
    • Able to filter portfolio views by process step.
    • Able to hide the details tab for a plan when integrated with other apps.  This helps avoid duplication of forms / fields which could confuse a user.
  • General
    • Able to create new OnePlan groups / trials from a configuration template.
    • Able to map the resource inactive field to other systems that are integrated with OnePlan.  This makes managing deactivated resources much easier.
  • Squashed 16 bugs
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