OnePlan Release Notes - September 8, 2023

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!

Enterprise Permissions

The enterprise permissions feature will allow for more control over what OnePlan users can do within OnePlan.  Your group will be "upgraded" but you should not see any change in functionality unless you decide to update your group's security settings after the release.  If you navigate to the configuration page, users tab, there is a new section named "Enterprise Security Groups".  This will allow you to adjust existing groups permissions, or create new groups with specific permission levels.  Future releases will add more functionality to this feature.

Important Note:  Some of the APIs for accessing/updating resource permissions will be changed.  If you have a custom Flow, JavaScript, or app that reads or updates global resource permissions (like Owner, Manager, etc.) it will need some small updates to continue working.  All productized OneConnect integration will continue working with no action needed.

  • You can choose which apps and areas each security group can see/use.  For example, you might limit the modeler to only be seen and used by managers and owners.
  • You can now limit which plan-level apps can be used by each security group.  For example, you could allow contributors to view and edit the plan details and the work plan, but not the financial plan.
  • You can choose which type of license each security group will consume.  if you choose a lower-level license, the users in the group will only have access to functionality available to that license type.
  • You can choose which global permissions each group has (like view all plans or edit all plans.

Mobile App

  • You can now start a new conversation on any work item.  Previously, you could only reply to existing conversations.
  • All configured status fields will now be editable.  Previously, only certain fields like status were editable.
  • The group by option has been renamed to sort by to make the app more intuitive.
  • You can now sort by the plan name.  Previously, you could only sort on work fields like status or priority.
  • If you create an event or a milestone, if you have not yet saved your view/roadmap, you will now be warned to save before you navigate away from the roadmap.  This helps make sure you don't lose any new or updated events and milestones.

Portfolio Modeler

  • You can now copy models.  This lets you use another model as a template to help save time creating future models.
  • When creating a new model, or updating a model's settings, the buttons have been updated to better walk you through the settings on each of the tabs.
  • If you add or remove fields from the resource plan analyzer, and save a view, the fields selected will now be saved in the view. 
  • If you update a scenario (drag and drop, or update in or out), and try to navigate away from the model before saving, you will be prompted to save before leaving.
  • Users with Owner/Administrator permissions, can now delete folders or models created by other users.
  • If you do not select a resource plan or financial plan cost type, then the resource [plan and/or financial plan options will not show in the model.  This helps to allow for modeling that doesn't require cost or resource planning.
  • If you update a model plan selection filter, and have already saved a scenario, you will be asked if you want to remove plans from your scenario that have been filtered out.

Portfolio Roadmap

  • The group by and color by fields will now show in the toolbar when hovering over a plan bar.  This makes it easier to see what values have been selected for each plan and why it is a certain color.
  • If a plan has a work plan schedule, a Gantt icon will now show to make it easy to see which ones are not drag and drop-able.  A message will also show in the tooltip when hovering over a plan bar.
  • If a new dependency is created, you will no longer need to refresh the roadmap to see the dependency line appear.
  • You can now filter on date fields.

Portfolio Kanban

  • When using pre-filters, only columns that match the pre-filter criteria will be shown.  Previously all column values would show.  Only the first 20 columns will be loaded.  This will make it easier to see the data you want, as well as load much faster than before.
  • You can now filter on date fields.

Portfolio List

  • If a new dependency is created, you will no longer need to refresh the list Gantt to see the dependency line appear.
  • You can now filter on date fields.
  • Filtered choice fields (cascading choice fields) will now filter/cascade in the portoflio list view.  Previously this only worked in the quick edit or plan details page.

Work Plan

  • Work plan notifications are now able to be triggered when a date field changes.  Previously they could only be triggered when a date passed.
  • If you create a new task, you can now split the task before saving it.  Previously, you had to save the task first.

Resource Plan

  • Resource plan views will now save filters on custom resource plan fields.
  • When fulfilling a resource on a resource request, time off will now be subtracted from the resource's availability.  This helps to make sure not to over-allocate the resource.
  • When filtering on plan level choice fields, and you have a lot of choices, performance will now be much better.

Time Off

  • You can now approve time off for a resource if you are an Owner/admin, even if you are not a resources resource manager.  Previously only resource managers could approve time off.


  • If you disable a notification, you will not receive the email or the in-system notification.  previously, you would still receive in-system notification.


  • The security group table has been added to the OData feed.  You can now report on security groups, as well as join groups to the resources table.


  • When using an API key to authenticate to the Rest API, you can now enable or disable notifications for specific users.
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