OnePlan Release Notes - December 9, 2022

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!  

Resource Planner

  • FTE values will now be calculated globally.  There is a new setting named FTE Hours in the resource plan settings, advanced settings.  If this setting is blank, your default calendars hours per day will be used for FTE to hours conversions.  If you update this new setting, the value entered will be used for FTE conversions going forward.  Previously, each resources calendar was used for this conversion.  This created inconstancies in FTE conversions globally.
  • The capacity vs demand graph is now available in the candidates grid.  If you switch from the list view to the graph, you can now view who is available in a stacked bar chart.
  • You can now add a pre-filter to see your pending requests.  When doing so, only resources with pending requests will show.
  • You can now turn on fiscal calendars in the resource planner.  Previously fiscal calendars were only available in the financial planner.
  • You can now control how far in the past and future capacity will be calculated for in the OData reporting feed (5 years maximum although 2 years or less are recommended for better performance of the OData feed)).  The amount of months selected will start from the current month.
  • You can now add the "Available From" and "Available To" fields to update availability for resources in the resource planner.  If a available to and from value is set on a resource, they will show as unavailable (no capacity) before the available from date and after the available to date.  As a owner in OnePlan, navigate to the config page, general, tools, config update tools, and click run tool on the "Add Availability" option.
  • You can now choose which custom resource plan field updates will trigger a resource negotiation approval.  Previously, all field updates triggered an approval.
  • The resource planner will read from the new time off time-phased data.  This allows for not putting time off on weekends or holidays.
  • You can now bulk add resources to your resource plan.  When in a plan level resource plan, use the checkboxes to select more then one resource, then click add.
  • You can now filter resources in the candidates grid by user fields (like manager).  This makes it easier to find the resources you are looking for.
  • The find resources quick search box has been added to the global resource planner.  Previously it was only available in the plan level resource planner. 
  • You can now show "Plan Type" using the extra plans fields setting in the resource planner.
  • When making many updates quickly, saving will now be much quicker.
  • The legend has been updated to explain the coloring on resource fulfillment rows.
  • Resource level fields that have been added to the top grid will now automatically be added to the candidates grid.
  • When setting the resource plan import to the user selectable option, the import button will now show.  When you click the button it will allow you to chose where to import from.
  • In the plan level resource planner, only views that are related to cost types selected / allowed for the current plans type will show.
  • When resource managers are set up and you are the manager for then one set of resources (or have Owner or Manager permissions), you can now select up to three choices in the pre-filter.  Previously you could only select one at a time.
  • You can now sort on custom resource plan choice and text fields.
  • When clicking on a cell with a value in it, the value will now be automatically highlighted.  This saves you from having to make an extra click to highlight the value before changing it.
  • When using negotiations, and a resource manager fulfills a resource request, the status will now be set to submitted.  Previously it would be changed to draft status, which would require a pm to re-submit then approve.  Now they will just need to approve.
  • When using negotiations and accepting or rejecting a booking, you can now enter a comment.  The comment will be saved to the resource approvals log.
  • When importing from other resource plan types, cells in locked periods of time (based on a status date on the resource plan type) will not be updated.
  • A refresh button has been added.  You can click this to see the latest changes without having to refresh your entire browser window.
  • Named resources with a quantity of 0 will now show as 0 capacity in the tooltip.  Previously they showed capacity in the tooltip.
  • You can now convert existing data from Monthly to weekly / daily, or visa versa.  Contact your OnePlan representative if you are interested in doing this.

Audit Logs

  • Audit logs are now available.  You can track detailed logs of who changed what data and when for the last 30 days.  Reach out to your OnePlan representative if you are interested in enabling this capability.
  • Audit logs are available for Plans,  Resources, Financial Plans, and Resource Plans.  We will add more auditing capabilities in future releases.

Work Planner

  • When inserting a template, a save will now be triggered.  Once saved, schedule calculations and rollups will occur.  This will also trigger a auto import into the resource planner if it has been configured.  Previously, changes would need to be made to the schedule before a save was triggered.

Resource Center

  • The filters in the resource center are now more consistent with other OnePlan apps.  This allows for better / easier filtering on all resource field types (including user fields).

Time Off

  • When adding time off, you can now select how many hours per day you are taking off.  By default, non working days will be set to 0 hours.

Financial Planner

  • When exporting to excel, special characters representing you cost category hierarchy have been replaced with spaces.  Previously the characters used resulted in excel showing the value of #NAME?
  • You can now change / rename the default currency of USD to the default currency of your choice.


  • When exporting the financial grid to excel, special characters representing you cost category hierarchy have been replaced with spaces.  Previously the characters used resulted in excel showing the value of #NAME?
  • The portfolios financial grid can now be sorted by plan name to make it easier to find plans.

Project Connect

  • When publishing tasks with partial day durations (like 1.5 days) the duration in OnePlan will now match what is in MS Project Desktop.  Previously it rounded to the nearest day.
  • You can now map any text field to the out of the box notes field in OnePlan.

Mobile App

  • The mobile app can now be used with any OnePlan environment (EU, AU, CA, etc.).  Previously it only worked with the environment.
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