OnePlan Release Notes - February 3, 2023

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!

Smartsheet Integration

  • You can now integrate OnePlan with Smartsheet.  Users / teams can use Smartsheet to manage the work / execution of their plans and sync the relevant data into the OnePlan work planner.  This can then feed into OnePlan Status Reports, Resource Plans, Financial Plans, Timesheets, etc.
  • You can also build / update work plans in OnePlan and sync the data to Smartsheet. 

Portfolio Modeler

  • The modeler is no longer a beta app.  It is now ready for full production use.  We will continue to add new capabilities to it in future releases.
  • When comparing / analyzing scenarios, you can now view a dashboard that highlights key differences between the scenarios selected. 
  • You can now view a strategic bubble chart within the modeler.  You can choose the fields you want for each axis of the chart.
  • You can now use the resource capacity vs demand chart to better visualize availability.
  • You can now view cumulative financial graphs from within the modeler.  This makes it easier to visualize cost issues.
  • When loading the modeler with more than 500 plans, a warning will show suggesting to add more filters for better performance.  If you try to load more than 2000 plans, only the first 2000 will be loaded.
  • The financial grid will now sort plans alphanumerically.

Audit Logs

  • User logins are now available to be tracked in the audit logs.
  • Adding, updating, or removing someone from a plans shared with will now be tracked in the audit logs.
  • If the save button has been enabled in the work planner, you can now log work item creation, updates, and deletions.  Work item changes made via an integration or API call will also be logged.
  • OnePlan "Owners" can now see which Plans and Resources have been deleted.  This is accessible within the audit logs admin page.
  • You can now log when plan is archived.
  • You can now export audit logs to excel for sharing / analyzing audit data as needed.

Resource Planner

  • When planning using percent, or FTE mode, and in a a view showing Years or Quarters, the hours will be adjusted so that every month will show the same percent or FTE that was entered.  Previously, the hours were evenly spread causing the percent or FTE that was entered to be slightly different for any given month.  This is because some months have a different number of working days. 
  • When opening the  candidates grid, no resources will be loaded by default.  If you have resource managers setup, clicking my resources will now show just the resources you are the manager of.  If you select a filter that returns more then 500 resources, only the first 500 will be loaded.  You will be notified to apply more filters to narrow your results.  This ensures fast loading of the candidate grid when the logged in user has permissions to all users in the system.   

Work Planner

  • When assigning a resource in the workplan grid view, the type ahead search is now a contains instead of a starts with.  You can type any letters of a persons name (first or last name) and relevant results will show.

Resource Center

  • You can now export the resource pool to excel for sharing / analyzing resource data as needed.
  • You can now filter on the generic field to show or hide generic resources.
  • You can now filter on the permissions field in the resource center.

OData Reporting

  • The Timesheet table will now page data by timesheet period.  This helps avoid timeout issues when loading millions of rows timesheet data in one query.
  • The "Show in Timeline" field is now available in the tasks table.

Rest API

  • Time off can now be created via the rest API when authenticating using a API key.  Time off created via API will be automatically approved if a status value is not defined in the API call.
  • Resource profile pictures can be removed using a API call.
  • Data updated via API or a scheduled job will now show "System" in the modified by field.  Previously, it would show as blank.
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