OnePlan Release Notes - July 28, 2023

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!

Portfolio Roadmap

  • The portfolio roadmap user experience has been revamped to be more modern and interactive. This will allow you to build roadmaps without having to navigate back and forth between the roadmap and other modules.
  • You can now create new plans to add to your roadmap.  previously you had to create them from the list or Kanban modules.
  • You can now create events in the roadmap.  This allows you to easily bring attention to special dates like milestones, release dates, program increments, etc.  Saving a view will save the events to that view.

Work Plan

  • You can now import work items from Excel (CSV files).  This can be especially helpful if you need to import work items from another system instead of manually creating them.  Most field types can be imported (text, choice, date, etc).  You can also import resource assignments.  Currently, you can only import a flat list of tasks (no hierarchy or predecessors/successors).  We plan to add more functionality to this import in future releases.
  • You can now easily view the critical path of your work plan.  When showing the critical path of your work plan, the rows and the bar in the Gantt will be colored red.  Previously, only the bars were colored red.
  • When viewing and approving status updates, the person who submitted the status update is not visible.
  • The work item bulk update now supports updating single select user fields.
  • The work item bulk update now supports updating "Mode" and "Scheduling Mode".
  • The shared with button has been added to the resource side panel.  This makes it easier to add new resources to your plan.
  • When sharing a plan with new resources, the resources will show up in the resource side panel without refreshing.  Previously you needed to refresh for them to be visible in the resource panel.
  • Contributors can now see the resource "Base Rate" within the plan level rate tables.  Previously only users with higher permissions could see the base rate.
  • You can now calculate date fields based on other date fields.  For example, you could calculate the value of actual start based on the start date.
  • If you split a task that has timesheet hours on it, the hours will no longer be rolled down/doubled on the split tasks.

Sofia - AI Chatbot Assistant

  • You can now analyze 4 times more data in one question.  The token limit (number of data characters per question) has increased from 8,000 to 32,000 tokens.
  • When exceeding the number of tokens in a question, Sofia will now respond with a more clear message to help you stay under the limit.  Previously the message provided was technical and difficult to understand.

Portfolio List

  • When filtering on plan lookup fields, the filter option will now be wider to accommodate longer plan names.

Portfolio Modeler

  • When selecting all plans in the resource grid, only plans that have been selected as "In" will show.  Previously the "Out" plans also showed.

Resource Planner

  • When filtering on choice fields, the filter selection window will now be wider to accommodate longer choice values.


  • If you are grouping by Plan, and you delete all of the timesheet lines for a particular plan, the grouping will now be automatically removed.  Previously, the grouping would show until you refreshed/reloaded the timesheet.

Data Auditing

  • Copying and pasting work items will now be tracked in the audit log.

OData Reporting

  • The Office 365 ID field has been added to the resource table.  This can be used to join resources to other data in Office 365 related to a resource.
  • You can now easily view or filter work plan templates out of the plans table.  A new field named "Fragment" was added.  If "Fragment" = true then the plan is a template.


  • My Work status updates can now be bulk created/updated.
  • The bulk work item import can now set work type and mode.
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