OnePlan Release Notes - April 23rd, 2021 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

Resource Plan

  • When auto importing schedules from the work planner, you can now in real time view scheduled work and drill in to the tasks that the scheduler work is rolled up from.  This allows you view and compare  scheduled work to planned and actual work.
  • You can now create and save views in the resource planner.  This makes it easier to view resource plans with the settings and fields you would like.
  • The resource planning navigation toolbar has been rearranged for easier viewing and accessing settings.

Work Planner Kanban Board

  • The Work Plan Kanban board now supports rolling up work items from child plans into a parent / master plan.  For example you could view all of the stories across a program instead of just one epic at a time.
  • You can now save personal and global views in the Kanban board.
  • You can now define column level constraints like you can in the portfolio Kanban.  This allows you to set constraints on financial or other metrics based on the columns you group by.
  • You can now choose a field to color the Kanban cards.  If you select a field that has format rules setup, it will color based on those rules.  If you do not have format rules set on that field than it will color them randomly.
  • Dependencies now show as strings just like they do in the portfolio Kanban board so you can easily view dependent work items.
  • You can now create new work items from the Kanban.  Previously you had to do so from the list view.

Work Planner List View

  • You can now plan work items into iterations / sprints by dragging and dropping into pre-created iterations.  You can set capacity on the sprints and load them until they are full.
  • You can now indent and outdent all work item types to better organize your work items.  Previously you could only indent and outdent items in the schedule view.

Work Planner Scheduler

  • When dragging and dropping tasks to update the dates, project managers now receive the updates so they can approve or reject them before their schedule and its related tasks are updated.
  • In the global (across all projects) scheduler, you can now link to a plan to make any needed updates easier.

Work Item Detail Forms

  • You can now open the work item details forms in a full screen instead of just a left side pop-out.
  • Predecessors, resource assignments, and notes now show on the work item forms.

My Work

  • The zoom in and zoom out options are now available in the My Work Gantt control.

Status Reports

  • The OData reporting feed now includes the date a status report was submitted so it can be compared with the date the status report was created.

Azure DevOps App

  • You can now view the insights home page from within Azure DevOps when OnePlan and DevOps are integrated.
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