OnePlan Release Notes - May 1, 2020 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!



Users may now enter totals constraints when doing board analysis in the Portfolios app.  First, the user would set up the view as desired - select by which field to separate into columns & which field to use for totals.  Then, click the Constraints icon to configure the constraints for the selected total field.

The Edit Constraints screen allows the constraint value to be entered for each column value.  The goal is selected as either above or below the constraint.  

The constraint would be count of items when None is selected for Totals.

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The total values show on a second row of the Board header, side by side with the constraint values, with the format Total/Constraint.   The Total value will update to red or green if over/under, or black if equal. Users can click & drag the board tiles to the backlog or into other columns as needed to analyze how they can get within the constraint goals.  When the view is saved, the constraints are saved as well.


OnePlan - Google Chrome

When a different Column field is selected, there is a prompt indicating constraints have been set and they will be removed.  Then, new constraints can be set for the new column selected.

OnePlan - Google Chrome


  1. The "Group By" setting has been renamed to "Column."
  2. When the zoom setting is set to Small, the board text is removed.  To see the details, hover over the tile (see next improvement below).
  3. Hover over a tile for the details of all the selected fields in the view.
  4. The look of the Fields selection drop down has been updated.
OnePlan - Google Chrome


When viewing the Board, users may view the Quick Edit form on the right side of the screen from the tile ellipses menu.  While the Quick Edit is still showing, selecting a different plan will update the Quick Edit to the newly selected plan.  

OnePlan - Google Chrome



Calculations have been updated.  If you have a calculated field and you edit a field the calculated field relies on, the calculation will now update as well in the grid.  An example of this is if there is a calculation for

Remaining Budget = Budget - Actual Budget.  If the user updates the Budget field, the roll up for the Remaining Budget will be updated.


The next new feature will help users with navigation around OnePlan.  When coming from the Portfolios page and navigate to a planning module for a plan, such as Details, Financial Planner, etc., users will see a small "X" in the top right corner of the screen, and can click on it to return back to previous page (the Portfolios page).  Then, when returning, the Portfolios page refreshes automatically with any updated information.

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For integrations involving the Financial Planner (i.e. when costs are imported via the API), the calculation for the cost total field will be triggered automatically.

The Copy Costs function has been updated to include clearer text in the heading to indicate "Copy Costs From."  Users first navigate to the destination cost type, and then copy cost values from another cost type for the selected timeframe.

OnePlan - Google Chrome


When the Resource manager method option is set to a custom people picker field, the Change User icon in Resource Planner will now be hidden.  The option isn't applicable with the custom field in use.   This applies to both an individual plan's resource plan and the global resource plan.

The Resource Planner view settings will now remain for the user.  For example, if a user adds fields to the view in the Resource Planner, then refreshes, the fields will remain in the view.

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When a field is set to only be available for certain work types, the field can still be added to the view of other work types, but now the field will be read only.


For baseline fields, the admin can now set up choice fields for baselining.  To do this, a baseline field would need to be created as type: choice, but with no choices added to the field settings.  Then, when a user baselines their work plan, the choice values would copy over from FieldX to FieldXbaseline.  

When a user adds a new item to the work plan grid, the user will be able to see them right away, without needing to expand.


When the Resource manager method option is set to a custom people picker field, the Change User icon in Resource Scheduler will now be hidden.  The option isn't applicable with the custom field in use.   This applies to the global Resource Scheduler.

When a plan is connected to Project Online, the following Resource Scheduler features will be disabled: the Add button & the drag and drop option.


Managing MS Projects schedules & OnePlan is now more streamlined. When a new plan is created and the user selects to use Project Professional, a new MPP file is created and then stored automatically in the OnePlan group's Team Site, specifically in a document library named "Plans."  The user doesn't need to store the schedule file locally, as the schedule is maintained & launched from the Teams document library.  This new feature requires OnePlan be configured with Teams.  

Permissions on the plan are as follows, pertaining to opening & editing the Project schedule: plan owner(s) & contributor(s) have read write access.  All others have no access to the schedule file.

Admins, for further information how to set this up, open this article: How do I store Project schedules in Teams for my OnePlan group?

When publishing, the description in the progress window has been updated to "Publishing Tasks to OnePlan."


There is an update to the Status Report messaging.


Timesheet audit history is now available as a new table in the oData feed.  A row will be logged when any of the following actions happen.

  • Submit
  • Approve / Reject
  • Recalled
  • Unlock



If field type = number or cost, then sum, count, average, min, max show for available total/summary row options.  

If field type = date,  then only min and max show for available total/summary row options.

If field is any other type, the roll up option will be hidden from the calculation type drop down.


When a backup is taken of a group, the Teams integration info is NOT included the backup.

When the backup is restored to a new group, the admin/owner will be able to set up the Teams integration for the new group.


In the Jira Epic integration, choices from Jira Issues Types' fields can be synchronized into OnePlan Choice fields.


For customers with a paid subscription, our team works with yours for annual renewal.  However, if the renewal dates passes, users will not be kicked out of the system.  Instead, for up to 30 days, users will see a message letting the user know their account expired but still have access into the system.


We squashed 19 bugs!

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