OnePlan Release Notes - August 20th, 2021 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced in the upcoming release!  


  • Timesheets now support multiple holiday calendars.  Previously only the default calendars holidays were used.
  • The add timesheet line / advanced search has been updated to make finding projects and work items easier.  You can also add multiple work items to your timesheets at once. 
  • The plan / task search at the bottom of the page now allows for easier searching of timesheet items.  You can also see the plan details on hover to verify it is the plan you are looking for.
  • Locked tasks can no longer be added to your timesheet.
  • When setting minimum and maximum hours rules on the timesheet, only the hours being submitted or that are already submitted will be counted.  Previously all hours were counted, even if they were not being submitted.
  • When clicking on the status icon of a timesheet line before it is submitted, it will now tell you to submit the item to start the approval workflow.
  • The utilization gauge will now show over 100% if you have more than 100% utilization.  Previously the maximum it would show was 100%.
  • Each resource class can now have a different utilization target.   This allows for some resources to have a different target than others (for example some can be 50%, others can be 80%, etc.).
  • You can now set a Power BI report to be shown in timesheets.  If you are a timesheet administrator, the report will show all resources.  If you are not a timesheet administrator, the report will filter to only show your timesheet data.
  • When charging time to a project (not a task / work item), the resource plan will be used to show the budgeted effort hours.  If you are not in the resource plan, the budgeted effort will show as 0 hours.
  • The timesheet approvals process is now faster.  Hours that have been approved in the timesheet will now show up in the project schedule much quicker.
  • You can now make comments on a task or project form within you timesheet.  This makes communicating and collaborating on work easier.
  • You can now click a button to import your current work item assignments.  Previously your current assignments were only imported to your timesheet the first time you went to that timesheet, and if the auto import admin setting was enabled.
  • The last timesheet period can now be deleted if it has no timesheet hours in it.  Previously even if someone had navigated to that period (which creates a timesheet) the period could no longer be deleted.
  • You can now use the worklog feature to submit time on work items from the work item itself.  IN the near future we will include this to be available in systems like Azure DevOps when integrated with OnePlan.  Once this is done users can enter their time in the OnePlan timesheet without ever navigating away from the user story / task they are updating in DevOps (or other systems).

Work Planner

  • You can now save the "#" field in the view.  Previously you could add this field to the view, but when saving the view it would not stick.

Project Pro Desktop Integration (Project Connect)

  • When assigning local MS Project resources to tasks, status updates will no longer remove the local resources assigned.  This allows you you to use a combination of local and enterprise resources on the same task if needed. 
  • Tasks that have been deactivated in MS Project will no longer be synced to OnePlan.  Previously they would be synced to OnePlan like any other task.

My Work

  • You can now view work item notes from my work using the notes icon.  This will allow for a read only view of the work items notes.

Resource Planner

  • In the global resource planner view (resource managers view), resource names will now be sorted alphabetically.
  • In the global resource planner, you can now click the name of a plan to open that plans quick edit form.  This allows for easy access to the plan  details or to navigate directly to that plan.

Resource Center

  • When filtering on a user field, they will now be sorted alphabetically to make finding the correct person easier.

Insights Home Page

  • When searching for a plan, plans will now show if your search text is anywhere in the plan name.  Previously the plan name had to start with the text you entered.  This should make it easier to find plans.
  • You can now sort plans by any of the fields shown.

OData Reporting Feed

  • When  reporting on work items, the duration units now show (days, weeks, months, etc.).  This makes it easier to understand the duration without looking at the start and end date of the work item.

Admin Pages

  • In the field admin page, when editing a field you can now easily see the internal name of the field.  Previously you could only see the frontend display name.
  • The bulk add choice dialog box is now larger.  This makes it easier to add choice field values.
  • You can now see if a field is calculated or a rollup without having to edit each individual field.
  • When selecting resource managers on the users page, the resources will now be listed in alphabetical order.
  • The bulk project delete tool (cleanup tool) now shows more information including the plan type and plan id.  You can also sort on any of the fields.  This will make it easier to find the plan you want to delete.
  • A new date format is available.  If you select this format dates will show like the following "Tue 6/21/2021" 
  • The plan archive screen will now show the plan type and plan id.  This will make it easier to find plans you want to restore.
  • When creating cost types, it is now required to enter the name of a cost type.


  • OnePlan work planner integrations will now remove previous resource assignments to work items.
  • You can now delete custom cost categories using the OnePlan rest api.
  • In the OnePlan api, the work item field "enddate" will now show as "Due" so that it matches the name users see in the work planner. 
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