OnePlan Release Notes - May 13, 2022

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!  

Resource Planner

  • You can now fulfill requirements on named resources. Before you could only fulfill generic resource requests.
  • When planning in FTE mode and dragging and dropping into the past or future, hours will now be recalculated to keep FTE allocations consistent In the past, FTE values would slightly change as capacity hours slightly differ from month to month and hours stayed constant.
  • You can now allow importing from one resource plan type to another (for example, scheduled, to committed) Before, you could only copy hours, which does not delete rows or replicate a resource plan like an import does.
  • When copying from one resource plan type to another, you can now choose to copy custom field values or not.  Before the values did not copy.
  • Filtering is now available on custom resource booking choice fields.  Before you could only filter on resource level fields.
  • Plan level fields are now available to be viewed, filtered, and sorted in the resource planner.
  • In the global resource planner, the add booking screen now allows for advanced searching and filtering for plans. Archived plans will also no longer show as available to add resources to.
  • If a plan is locked using the locked yes / no method, the plan will no longer be editable in the global resource planner. Before a plan was only locked in the plan level resource planer.
  • When comparing one resource plan type to another, information will now be editable unless there is more than one booking for a particular user. Also, if a user is in one resource planning type, and not the compare type, the user will still show now.
  • You can now set user fields as pre filters in the resource planner. For example, you could filter on manager or timesheet manager.
  • You can now set up pre filters on generic versus named resources.
  • In the resource planner candidates grid, generic resources with 0 qty. will show as blank availability (previously they would show as 100%) and they will sort to the top when sorting on availability.
  • If a generic resource is set to 0 qty, the tooltip in the resource planner will no longer show capacity or overage.
  • When grouping, generic resources with qty. of 0 will no longer affect the coloring of the group row.
  • When importing from the resource schedule type, you can choose to not include anyone who is in the shared with, but not assigned any tasks in the schedule. This is a new setting in the resource plan type settings that needs to be enabled if you would like to use it.

Work Planner

  • You can now export a XML file that can be imported into MS Project Pro Desktop.  This allows you to build a schedule in OnePlan, and then import it into Project Desktop to manage the schedule.
  • When disconnecting a MS Project Pro Desktop schedule from OnePlan, tasks will be set to auto schedule and the scheduling mode will be set to the plans default selected scheduling made.  
  • You can now expand and collapse outline levels in other work types besides the schedule (risks, issues, backlog, etc.)

OnePlan Mobile App

The beta version of the OnePlan mobile app is ready and will be released to the app store very soon!  The app will be available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.  The app is built to allow team members to collaborate on every day activities.

  • The home page alerts you to items that require your attention.  This includes overdue and upcoming work and insights.
  • The My Work tab allows you to view and organize your work.  You can also update status on your work items.
  • The My Timesheet tab allows you to fill out and submit your timesheet.
  • The Conversation tab allows you to view and reply to comments related to plans and work items.

OData Reporting

  • Resource negotiation logs are now available in the OData feed for reporting. 


  • Users can now opt in or out of system notifications. Managers and/or Owners can also change notification settings for their resources.
  • System notifications will no longer be sent to users marked as inactive.
  • You can now copy child plans from one parent plan to another. For example, you could copy all the plans from one program to another. You could also copy the program and all plans under it.  This creates the plans and copies the plan level field values (it does not currently copy schedules, resource plans, etc.).


  • Multiple performance enhancements have been made to reduce the initial load time of OnePlan. 
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