OnePlan Release Notes - December 4th, 2020 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

OnePlan Home

  • A new home page is now available.  This home page gathers relevant info from insights as well as makes it easier to navigate OnePlan.  It is meant to be a portal, but also call your attention to areas that need your attention.


  • Insights give help you be more productive.  They call your attention to items that require your attention.  They are configurable so you can setup insights for the scenarios / notification that are valuable to your organization.  Insight scores are generated so managers can easily track compliance to best practices.  This helps improve reporting and drive projects to be more successful.  To turn on insights, a Owner will need to install the insights app, then add / configure the insights they want.  This can all be done from the configuration page.


  • When using the resource what if grid in portfolios, you can now save the resource columns you want in your view.  You as you add or remove columns it will also remember this so you don't have to re-set the columns you want each time.

Work Planner

  • You can now export the work plan grid view to Excel or other common formats.  When exporting it will export the visible work items on the page.  This allows you to collapse / expand and filter out the work items you don't want in your export.


  • When you are in timesheets and you hit the tab button on your keyboard, it will now take you to the next cell and highlight the value.  This allows you to fill out your timesheet quicker than previously possible.
  • In the timesheet settings, a Owner can now choose which plan types are available for timesheets.  For example you may want people to be able to charge time to projects, but not programs.

Status Reports

  • When a status report is rejected by an approver, the person who submitted the status report will now receive an email as well as a in system notification.  This helps to bring more attention to them to know to make the necessary updates and resubmit the status report.
  • You can now add the Assigned Resources to work item grids in your status reports.

Time Off

  • You can now add time off from the my work app.  The Time Off icon has been added to the top left corner.  This allows team members to easily add their Time Off requests.
  • You can now access Time Off requests from the Resource Pool as well.  Managers can view their resources and then review and approve requests across resources they manage.

Resource Pool

  • When adding resources to the resource pool, you can now view the users email address before adding them.  If multiple people have the same name, or if a person has multiple accounts, you can now easily distinguish them from each other.


  • The [Today] function can now be used in total rollup fields.  For example you could compare [Today] to the due date of a work item and assess if its overdue or not.  For a project then you can rollup how many overdue Tasks you have.
  • "assignmentrevenue" and "assignmentcost" are now able to be used in calculations.  For example [assignmentrevenue]-[assignmentcost]=[Profit].
  • The [actualrevenue] calculation now works with the new rate table capabilities that were released last month.  This allows for more accurate tracking of revenue while using multiple rate tables and rate escalations over time.  This is particularly useful when managing professional services projects.


  • When assigning resources a task, or adding them to the shared with for a plan, their permissions will now default to "My Work Only".  Previously they would default to "team Member" which gave them higher permissions than generally needed.  You adjust their permissions as needed after adding them.

Admin Settings

  • Some admin settings did not previously follow your date format regional settings.  They now will follow your regional settings.

Performance Improvements

  • Many performance improvements have been made in this release.  A main area of focus was around timesheet actions like when approving many timesheet lines at once.
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