OnePlan Release Notes - May 11th - June 7th 2019

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Release Overview

  • Resource Planner Improvements
    • In the resource planner, filtering by resource name is no longer case sensitive.
    • When using the resource negotiations feature, you are now able to filter resource bookings by status (proposed, committed, etc)
  • Resource Center Improvements
    • The resource center grid view is now editable inline.  This allows for quick and easy updates to resource information.
  • Financial Planner
    • Able to view the totals for the project as well as the the selected date range (previously you could not see the total for the selected date range).
  • Portfolio Planning Improvements
    • You can now add dependencies between plans for any plan type (ex: Projects, Programs, Epics, etc.).  The dependencies can be viewed in the Gantt Chart / Timeline and Roadmap views.
    • If plan types are being used, you can now select a plan type when creating a new plan.
  • Integration Improvements
    • Improved user experience when connecting to other systems.  Easily see which plans are connected to which tools, as well as easier to connect to multiple tools.
    • Updated the Azure DevOps integration for the new integration user experience.
  • New Backlog Planner
    • The backlog planner is now available.  This allows you to keep your backlog items separate from your schedule / release timeline.
  • Dashboard Improvements
    • Power BI Reports can now be embedded into OnePlan for quick and easy viewing without navigating away from your plan.
  • General
    • The "worm" loading graphic is now a circle.
  • Squashed 15 bugs
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