OnePlan Release Notes - June 10th - July 5th 2019

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Release Overview

  • Resource Planner Improvements
    • In the resource planner, you can now group by resource level choice fields (department, role, etc).
    • When using resource negotiations, and filtering based on the booking status (proposed, committed, etc) resources with no bookings will no longer show up.
    • In the resource planner, in the candidates grid (the bottom grid to find available resources) you can now filter on multiple attributes to more easily find the best resources.  Previously you could only select one resource attribute at a time.
    • You can now do resource planning by week.  To do so you need to turn the admin setting on.
  • Plan Detail Forms
    • You can now configure detail forms with sections.  There is a drag and drop editor that can be used to create organized more user friendly plan info forms.  You can also create a different form for each plan type.
    • When in the portfolios grid, the quick edit option will pop out a quick edit form without the need to leave the portfolios page.
    • You can now create a rich multi line of text field.  This allows for common formatting options like, bold, center, etc.
  • Financial Planner
    • You can now choose which cost category level fields show up in which cost types.  You can also set a different default grouping per cost type.
    • You can now store up to 4 decimal places in exchange rates (previously you could only store decimal places).
  • Odata Reporting
    • When using resource negotiations, you can now report on the project manager and resources managers approval status, as well as the state of the request as a whole.
    • When reporting on costs, the isleaf field can be used to only show the lowest levels of costs.  So if you only want to show detail rows, when there are detail rows, but show the cost category when there are not detail rows, you can filter appropriately on the isleaf field.
  • General
    • Improved the backup and restore / import of OnePlan configuration.  You can now backup and import cost types as well as all configuration settings.
  • Squashed 13 bugs
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