OnePlan Release Notes - January 7, 2022

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!  

My Work

  • The my work user experience has been updated to be more usable and modern. This includes a improved interface for selecting columns, a improved Gantt, and overall better performance making for an easy to use experience. See the My Work section of the user guide for more information.
  • You can now view your personal resource plan in My Work to see which plans you should be working on and if you are over or under allocated. For more information, see View your personal resource plan in My Work.
  •  Resource managers can now view their teams work.  This allows you to better view and manage your teams work items. For more information, see View team work as a resource manager in My Work.
  • You can now click a work item name to open the quick edit form for work items from My Work. This makes it easy to view work item details. Previously all fields had to be added to the My Work view for visibility. For more information, see Manage My Work in lists.
  • If you click on the plan name, it will now link you to that plan for easy viewing of plan details. You will need a Team Member plus or above license and permissions to the plan in order for this to work.
  • When a filter is applied, the filter icon will now show in blue. This makes it easy to know if a filter is applied or not.
  • You can now add activities to work items from within My Work. Previously you could only do this from the work planner. For more information, see Manage My Work in lists.
  • You can now save global views in my work if you have Owner permissions. Previously you could only save personal views. For more information, see Create and edit views in My Work.


  • When sorting views in the portfolio list you can now save the sorting in a view. This includes the multi sort option.

Financial Planner

  • When using custom cost categories, they will no longer show in cost types where the parent cost type is set to not show. Previously custom cost categories would show in all cost types.

Status Reports

  • When exporting a status report to pdf or Word, if the image can not be accessed (requires a login) the export will skip the image export instead of producing an error.
  • If a plan has been archived, status reports will no longer be generated for that plan.

Resource Center

  • When searching for resources, the search now uses a contains instead of a starts with. This will allow you to type in the first or last name to find the resource you are looking for.

OData Reporting Feed

  • When using multi-select lookups, the plan ids will now be available. This makes it easy to join to other tables as needed.  Previously only the plan name was available.
  • Time off is now available in the OData reporting feed.

Azure DevOps Integration

  • The Azure DevOps to OnePlan integration now allows for connecting to existing items. For example, if a epic already exists in OnePlan and Azure DevOps, you can use the connect existing option to connect instead of creating a new epic.  previously this could only be done from the OneConnect admin pages.
  • When importing sprints into OnePlan, the sprints will now reload automatically. You do not need to manually reload to see the new sprints show anymore.


  • The OData feed has been moved to its own processing nodes for better and more constant data loading.  The new OData feed URL will automatically show in your OnePlan group. You can easily update the URL in your reports to take advantage of this improvement.
  • Multiple API updates have been made to make the loading of OnePlan faster and more efficient with large data sets.
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