OnePlan Release Notes - August 5, 2022

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!  

Release Webinar

Check out the recording of our release webinar for a detailed demonstration of the latest OnePlan features! 


  • You can now easily view plan dependencies using the new Visualizer module.  This allows for better understanding your predecessors and successors and communicating changes and risks to other plan managers.
  • You can drill-through from one plan to another to visualize dependencies multiple steps away.
  • The new Runway view allows you to better visualize relationships between other plans.  For example, you could visualize all of the Objectives, Key Results, Value Streams, Products etc. that are associated to your Project.


  • The dependencies interface has been updated.  You can now use the type ahead search to find dependent plans quicker.  The popup is now larger to make it easier to work with long plan names and a lot of data.
  • You can now add descriptions to dependencies.
  • When using prefilters, dependencies will still show in the dependencies popup even if the dependent plans were filtered out of the view.

Plan Details

  • You can now access dependencies from your plan details forms.  A button has been added to the top left of the page.  You can then view / edit dependencies directly from the plan details page.

Resource Planner

  • When adding a booking from the global resource planner, only plan types that are configured to use the current resource plan type will show in the dropdown.  For example, If the committed planning type is only set to be used on Projects, then only Projects will show.  In the past all plans of all plan types would show in the plan selection dropdown.
  • Custom fields on requirement rows can be set to be editable or read only.  Previously they were always read only.
  • A expand all and collapse all option has been added to the resource planner.  This makes it easy to see all resource data when using groupings in the view.

Work Planner

  • When assigning resources, the search will now search all resources in the resource pool, instead of just the resources the plan is shared with.  If you select a resource that is not in the shared with, it will add them to the Shared With.
  • The work plan will be locked while it is being edited.  If another person tries to edit the same plan at the same time, it be view only.  This will help to ensure multiple people do not create scheduling conflicts by trying to edit the same plan at the same time.

Status Reports

  • If you have previously enabled status reports for a plan type, you can now turn them off for that plan type.


  • The Associations table is now available in the OData feed.  This allows for easily reporting on associated plans.  For example, you could create a report to visualize all of the Objectives, Key Results, Programs and Applications that are associated to your Project.
  • Paging on the capacity table has been adjusted to allow loading capacity data faster.
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