OnePlan Release Notes - February 26th, 2021 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

Work Plan

  • You can now add other work items besides just tasks into your schedule.  You can add in things like backlog items, issues, risks, etc. into your schedule in order to provide a full picture of key items in your project in one view.
  • The WBS column will now be available and automatically show in your schedule views.  This makes it easier to visualize and sort by WBS.  By "shift" or "control" clicking on the WBS column you can easily select multiple rows at one time.
  • A new resource usage view is now available in the schedule view.  This allows you to easily visualize resources capacity while planning your schedule.
  • The "Grid" view in the work planner has been renamed to "List" for more constancy across the application.
  • Many usability improvements have been made.  As you work in the schedule view you will make less clicks to perform common actions.
  • The duration column now shows the time scale used (example: days or weeks, etc.).  This makes it easier to visualize duration when using multiple different time scales on different tasks.


  • When clicking the expand and collapse option it will now collapse or expand one level at a time.  Previously all levels opened or closed at the same time.

Resource Plan

  • When using the candidate grid to find resources, only plans that have data for those resources in the period of time selected will show.  This improves performance as well as makes it easier to see the relevant information.
  • The resource planner now supports using multiple calendars.  Each calendar can include holidays, and the work planner will then use that when calculating capacity for resources.  This improves resource planning accuracy.
  • When using the auto import schedule function, data will now be updated in real time.  You no longer need to manually click the import button or wait for the nightly sync.
  • The cost type selector has been moved and colored blue  so it stands out better.  This will help make it more apparent which type your on so you don't accidentally update the wrong type.


  • When using plan level timesheets you can now import from the resource planner.  This allows you to prepopulate your timesheet with the projects you are assigned to in the resource planner.   This will save time when filling out your timesheet.
  • Plan level timesheet items that have been locked will now show the locked icon next to them.  This makes it more apparent that the item has been locked for editing.

Project Pro Desktop Publisher

  • You can now publish the WBS field from Microsoft Project to OnePlan.  To set this up you will need to add the field mapping to your project professional integration settings.

Multiple Language Support

  • You can now use Google Translate to use OnePlan in a variety of languages.  This helps to support global rollouts of OnePlan.  Each user can click their icon / picture in the top right to change the language to whatever they would like.


  • Queue jobs now are split into two queues.  There is a high priority queue and low priority queue.  Jobs that are created by on demand actions like button clicks will process quicker through the high priority queue.  Long running scheduled jobs will process separately through the low priority queue.
  • When opening multiple groups in the same browser / profile, if you switch from one group to another in one tab / window, the other tabs / windows will automatically switch as well.  This helps prevent users from accidentally making updates in a different group than they wanted.
  • Configuration changes logging can now be enabled .  Logged config changes will be stored for 60 days.  This allows you to see what has been changed, when it was changed, and who changed it.
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