OnePlan Release Notes - March 17th - April 13th 2019

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Release Overview

  • Financial Planner Improvements
    • Added the ability to create custom sub-cost categories on the fly for a project.
    • Able to use your arrow keys to move from cell to cell.  This makes it quicker and easier to update cost values.
    • Able to drag and drop costs earlier or later without reentering values.
  • Resource Planner Improvements
    • Plans that have no data in the selected period of time will no longer show up.  This makes the view easier to look at and less cluttered.
  • Portfolio Planning Improvements
    • Added a rich Portfolio Kanban view to easily visualize and update plans by dragging and dropping between swim lanes.
    • Able to hide the Gantt / Timeline view to focus on the portfolio list
  • Squashed 27 bugs
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