OnePlan Release Notes - January 10, 2020 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the next release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

Release Overview by Feature


  • When grouping the view by process step, now only the process steps associated to the selected Plan Type will show.
  • When grouping the view, only groupings that have associated plans will show.
  • The Plan name is now a link. Clicking the name of a plan will direct to the last page you were for that plan (i.e. Financials, Resource Plan, etc.).  If it's the first time, you will be directed to the Details page.
  • When saving a view, there is now an option to set the Default View.


  • Resource Planner - A new column now shows with the Period Total.  The Period Total column sits to the far right of the Resource Plan and  shows the totals for the time frame selected/shown.  Whereas, the Total column shows the total for the whole Resource Plan, regardless of which time frame you are currently viewing.  You may choose to view only a portion of the Resource Plan, but the plan may be longer than the selection.
  • Resource Planner - A color legend now shows the variances calculations.
  • Timesheet data can now be imported into the Resource Planner.  Only approved hours import.


  • Financial Planner - A color legend now shows the variances calculations.
  • Timesheet data can now be imported into the Financial Planner.  The resource's rate is multiplied by the number of timesheet hours.  Only approved hours import.


  • The Item Information window now has a scroll bar, and is larger sized for better visibility.


Cost Types - The Status Date setting, you can now can clear out the value if entered incorrectly/by mistake.  Previously, the value couldn't be cleared out to no date.

  • Lookup Fields - There is now a setting to select the parent plan type for lookups.
  • Choice Fields - The choice values can now be re-ordered.  This is helpful when rearranging the order to be alphabetical or if in order chronologically, such as stages.  Simply, click & drag to the desired location, noted by the green line.
  • Choice Fields - If an available choice has been removed, if that choice was previously the default, the default choice value will be cleared out.
  • Fields - Number fields can have the number of decimal places configured.  Select between 0-5.  A selection of zero (0) would be for whole numbers.
  • Fields - Number fields can now be percentage (%).
  • Fields - Available Plan Types setting - If no type is selected, the field is available for all plan types.  Rather than blank, the option now says "All Plan Types."
  • Date Format setting - New date format now available: YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Plan Detail Forms - If you try to navigate away before saving changes, you will now be prompted to verify leaving before saving.
  • Reporting - You can now copy out the OnePlan reporting URL/Odata feed.  It was difficult or not possible before based on browser used.


  • The Tasks and Work Items' % Done value now includes a progress bar as well.


When a Time Off request is submitted, the request will now kick off an email to the user's manager for approval.  The manager is the person who is noted based on the Resource Managers method setting in the Users admin page.


  • We have a new integration!  SharePoint workspaces can now be created for OnePlan plans.  There is now a SharePoint App that would get installed and configured in OnePlan.  Then, either workspaces would get created manually as desired for plans, or they can be created automatically with each new plan.  Workspace templates align to specific plan types.  

For information how to set up this new integration, refer to the article: How do I install and configure the Microsoft SharePoint App?

For information how to use this new integration, refer to the article: How do I use SharePoint workspaces?

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome
OnePlan - Google Chrome
  • The Integration button for connected systems now shows for the applicable work types.  For example, if you have the Tasks work type mapped to Project Online & Backlog work type mapped to Azure DevOps, the button will only link to the applicable system.  


  • The grid now auto-refreshes after a synchronize from integration completes.


We squashed 19 bugs!

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