OnePlan Release Notes - February 7, 2020 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the next release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!


We have a status reporting feature! 

The Status Reports feature is completely configurable.  The admin/owner would configure the settings for how often the status reports get created and how the the status report form looks.  Snapshots can be scheduled as well, which allows for trend reporting.  The status reports are configurable per plan type.

There is a new Status Report OData reporting table.  Each status report is its own row in the table, with the values of the plan-level fields at the time the report was submitted.  

The reports get created based on the configured schedule.  Then, the user would update the status report and plan-level fields as needed.  When ready, the user would submit the status report.   When a status report is submitted, a notification goes to the plan owner(s) for approval.  Once a status report is submitted, the plan-level fields for that report are no longer editable.

Status Reports can be saved/printed to PDF in either portrait or landscape as needed.  

Admins, for more information how to set up the Status Reports in your group, click here: Status Reports.

Users, for more information how to run & submit Status Reports, click here: How do I run & submit a status report?

OnePlan - Google Chrome
OnePlan - Google Chrome


We now have a OnePlan app available on AppSource for Azure Dev Ops.  This app is for embedding OnePlan in Azure DevOps.  The OnePlan navigation shows on the main Azure Dev Ops navigation menu.  The OnePlan features can be accessed within Azure Dev Ops.  When viewing a specific Epic, there is now a OnePlan tab, to focus on that Epic's Financials, Resource Plan, etc.

Portfolios - OnePlan - Google Chrome
Overview dashboard - Overview - Google Chrome

There is a new AD Synchronization.  Select the desired AD groups to synch.  There is a button to synchronize on demand, and the status of the last sync will show.  The following fields come over from AD to the OnePlan Resource Center: Name, Email Address.

For more information, click here: How do I manage AD synchronization?

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

There is now a Disconnect button when an integration is set up between OnePlan and another system.  The use case for this is if the integration fails for a record, you would disconnect the item, fix the issue, and then reconnect/synchronize.  Note: no data is deleted from either system when the disconnect happens.

OnePlan - Google Chrome


There are numerous system notifications from OnePlan that get sent as emails and show in the Notifications window (accessed via the main header menu).  There is now the ability for the admin/owner to disable any notifications as desired.  For instructions how to disable and explains about each notification type, click here: How do I manage system notifications?

Plan Details

Summary Fields.  On the Plan Details form, the admin/owner can now add Summary Fields to the form.  Summary Fields have summary roll up data from the Work Plan.  When configuring the details form, the fields are grouped under Plan Field and Summary Field.  The Summary Fields are read only.  On the form configuration page, there are different icons for Plan Fields vs Summary Fields for ease of visibility.  

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome


On the OnePlan Subscription admin page, the number of remaining users shows along with the number of users per purchased package.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome


Holidays now as shown as greyed out columns, like weekends.  Whether time can be tracked on holidays and/or weekends is still maintained in the Time Plan Admin settings.

There is now an option for grouping the Timesheet view, for example by Plan or other timesheet field.  

OnePlan - Google Chrome

Rather than always auto-adding items to the Timesheet, the admin can now set whether or not items are auto-added.  This is managed in the Time Plan Admin Settings.  Select the check box to Auto Add Tasks.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

Resource Center

There is now a check box in the Resource Center form to mark a user as inactive.  Prior to this release, the Inactive field had only been on the User management form on the Admin Users page.

OnePlan - Google Chrome


We successfully squashed 25 bugs!

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