OnePlan Release Notes - October 4, 2019 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the next release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

Release Overview by Feature


  • When prioritization is enabled, the view will change to No Grouping & the grouping option will be disabled.  Then, you can drag the items up & down to change their priority number.  When you turn off the prioritize feature, the grouping option is enabled.
  • On the Portfolio KanBan Board, the choice field values in the KanBan will now sort alpha numerically ascending order.

Resource Planner

  • There is now the ability to have a plan-level total field for the resource plan cost types.  The Resource Total Field will sum the total number of hours.

Financial Planner

  • When grouping the financial planner, any detail rows will now stay nested under their cost category.


  • The Process Flow 'Process Step' is now available as a field in the Odata feed.


  • Teams - We now have a Teams integration!  The admin would enable the Microsoft Teams app.  Then users will view & manage the portfolio of plans from within Microsoft Teams.  A portfolio-level team can be created for the OnePlan group/environment.  Also, individual plan-level teams can be added, either automatically or on demand.  To learn more, refer to the articles: How do I manage OnePlan in Microsoft Teams? & How do I use OnePlan in Teams?
  • Project Professional - When the app is installed, certain fields are mapped by default.  For example, OnePlan fields: Start, Due, Estimated Cost, % Done, Actual Start, Actual Finish, Remaining Cost, Remaining Effort, Actual Cost.


  • Getting Started - There is now an admin option to enter URL for the video embedded on the Getting Started landing page. If left blank, the default welcome video will show.
  • OnePlan Help opens in a new browser tab.  Users can now follow along with the help articles while working in OnePlan at the same time.
  • Registration Info - The Owner/Admin of a new OnePlan group will now be prompted to register with their contact info.
  • There is now a Subscription admin page.  If you are in a OnePlan Trial, there's an option to purchase.  If you are already subscribed, your package level and available apps will show.


We squashed 13 bugs!

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