OnePlan Release Notes - November 19, 2021

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in the upcoming release!  

Work Planner

  • The work planner list user experience has been updated to be more usable and modern. This includes the list view, Gantt, resource usage, timeline, activities, and the overall work planning experience. The core functionality has not changed, but you will notice a different look and feel. Common actions including dragging and dropping should feel more natural and usable.
  • When in the work planner, you can now view your resource plan in the same window.  You no longer need to switch between them if you want to see both at the same time.
  • When clicking the status updates icon, you can now see a list of all status updates and easily bulk approve or reject them.  Previously you had to approve and reject each work items updates one by one.
  • Moving your project / adjusting the project start date is now easier than ever.  When you click the project start date icon, you can select a new date and choose to move manual and constrained tasks or not.  Automatic tasks will automatically be rescheduled.
  • Constraints can now be set on tasks.  This allows for scenarios where you do not want tasks to move out of a certain boundary of time.
  • Scheduling mode options have been updated to be more consistent with other scheduling tools.  You can choose from normal, fixed duration, fixed units, or fixed effort.  You can also choose to make the task effort driven or not.
  • The "mode" field is now available to be added to list views.  This allows for easily updating how a work item is scheduled (manual or auto).
  • You can now use the multi sort option to sort on as many fields as you would like.  Previously you could only sort on one field at a time.
  • You can now use the cut, copy, and paste actions to easily duplicate work items.
  • Multiple new options have been added to the work item contextual menu including add, convert to milestone, indent / outdent, and add new task.
  • The work item name filter now uses a contains filter.  This makes it easier to find the work items you are looking for.
  •  When using the Gantt, there is now a zoom to fit option.  This makes it easier to zoom to a level that shows your full work plan.
  • There is now a delete option so you can easily delete unneeded / unused sprints.


  • You can now easily see if a filter is applied without having to click into the filters.  The filter icon will be bolded if a filter is applied.
  • When sorting by choice, lookups, or people fields, the values will now be alpha-numerically sorted instead of by their ids.
  • The portfolio priority number is now read only.  It will update / calculate as yo drag and drop when in prioritization mode.  This prevents users from accidentally updating it without using the drag and drop.

Resource Planner

  • Resource plan types will now only show in the plan types that are selected.  This allows different plan types to have different resource plan types available.  For example, Projects may track actual resources hours, and Epics may not.
  • When importing work item hours from the work planner into the resource planner, all work types will now be imported.  Previously, only work items in your schedule would be imported.

Financial Planner

  • When importing costs from the resource planner, you can now choose to overwrite locked periods, or not.  There is a new setting in cost type settings that can be checked.  When it is checked locked periods will not be updated anymore.

My Work

  • When showing a URL link field in my work, clicking on the link value will now direct you to that web page.  Previously the link was not clickable.


  • Field calculations can now be set to run in a specific order. This helps to make it easier to setup calculated fields that calculate based on other fields. It allows for controlling the order of operations in this case.
  • Status trend fields now match the trend graph order. The oldest value is on the left and the most recent on the right.

OData Reporting Feed

  • When reporting on multi-select lookup fields, the name and the guid of the plans you are looking up to are now available for reporting.  Previously only the name was available which made it difficult to join to other data tables.

Jira Integration

  • Jira sprints will now sync into OnePlan sprints for easy filtering for a particular sprint.

Azure DevOps Integration

  • The Azure DevOps app that allows for accessing OnePlan from with Azure DevOps now supports other item types besides Epics.  If you integrate plans to DevOps at other levels (for example at the feature level) you would be able to access OnePlan from your DevOps features.  This can be used with any custom work item types you have created as well.


  • External users can now be given access to OnePlan as long as your Office 365 tenant allows external users.
  • Multiple security updates have been made to enhance the overall security of OnePlan.
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