OnePlan Patch Release Notes - March 25, 2022

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest patch release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new and enhanced in this release!  

Work Planner

  • You now have the option to turn on a Save button in the planner.  This will allow a more traditional approach to editing schedules. The work plan will not save right away, allowing users to review their plans prior to saving. The save button also allows users to revert the plan (not save) if they do not like the changes they made. This will Improve performance when editing a work plan since it will not have to wait for auto save.
  • You can now filter based on Inactive Tasks.
  • When entering Task Notes, a hyperlink or picture will display properly on refresh.
  • You are now unable to delete tasks with timesheet hours reported.  This will keep reporting consistent.

My Work

  • You can now use % Done to filter the Kanban board.

Plan Details

  • The Quick edit form will respect hidden sections. Previously in the quick edit for all sections would show.

Status Reports

  •  When a project is archived, all approvals for that project will be ignored.


  • Ability to search for a user with an apostrophe in their name. 
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