OnePlan Release Notes - July 8th - August 2nd 2019

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Release Overview

  • Resource Planner Improvements
    • Able to select resources in the resource pool and load resource plans for all selected resources.
    • If negotiations are on, and a resource has no resource manager assigned, a descriptive message will now be shown.
    • An approval log has been added to show history of approvals.
    • Multiple performance improvements have been made to speed up viewing and filtering resources / bookings.
    • Resources can now be deactivated to easily show that they can no longer be used in new projects going forward. 
  • Plan Detail Forms
    • You can now configure process flows to visually show what stage a plan is in.  You can also control which form sections and OnePlan apps show up as you move through your process flow.
  • Portfolios
    • You can now delete plans from the portfolios view.
    • If you are not using plan types, the divider in the toolbar for plan types will not longer show.
  • General
    • While backing up a OnePlan configuration, you can now choose to include data.
    • While setting up choice fields, you can now select a number value for each choice.  This makes it easy to setup ranking / scoring fields based on choices people select.
    • Multiple security updates have been made so that each group can only access the functionality that applies to them.
  • Squashed 24 bugs
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