OnePlan Release Notes - May 28th, 2021 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

Insights Home Page

  • The look and feel of the home page has been enhanced to better show the different viewable sections on the page.

Resource Plan

  • You can now easily view the plans total hours via the top row in the resource planner.
  • The planning mode selected is now visible in the main toolbar.  This makes it easier to see and change your planning mode (Hours, FTE, or %)
  • When using the replace function, the totals will now be updated in real time.  Previously you had to refresh to see the totals update in this scenario.

Work Planner

  • The iterations feature has been renamed to sprints as this is a more commonly used for planning work into time boxes.
  • Multiple usability improvements have been made to the sprint planning capability.  When using the tool you should notice less clicks, real time updates of totals / metrics, and a more smooth and intuitive experience.
  • You can now add the start, due, effort, % done, and duration fields to the Kanban cards.
  • When viewing the Kanban, you can now turn on and turn off the visual dependency strings.  This allows for loading the board quicker, as well as a cleaner viewing experience if the strings are not needed.
  • When saving and inserting templates, other work item types besides the schedule will now save the hierarchy.  This allows for things like creating a template of epics, with features and or user stories indented under the parent epic.

My Work

  • The default view will now show the due date field, as well as sort by due date so tasks that are supposed to start first will show first.  You can still create your own personal views to manage your work the way you want to.
  • If the Gantt chart is turned on and saved in the default view, when navigating to my work the Gantt will now show open.  Previously this was not saved into the default view. 

Project Pro Desktop Integration (Project Connect)

  • You are now able to import approved timesheet hours into your Project Desktop schedule.  The field must mapped in the project pro integration settings.  Clicking the update button in the OnePlan add in  will allow you to import the timesheet hours to compare against the estimated effort.
  • When saving schedule templates to teams, there is no longer a file size limit on your templates.  Previously the max size was 4mb.
  • The publish function has been optimized for publishing very large schedule files (20 MB plus).  There is no reasonable limit on the publish file size. 

Cost Planner

  • When copying from one cost type to another (for example budget to forecast), data in the time period selected will be deleted before copying over the new data.  Previously this would only overwrite the cells that had data in the source cost type.

Status Reports

  • The export to PDF option now uses a new pdf generator.  This allows more flexible exporting of html content (like excel tables, ppt content, etc.).

Resource Scheduler

  • You can now uninstall the resource scheduler app if you choose not to use it.  Previously it could not be uninstalled as it is a "core app".  You could only hide it using custom CSS.

Performance Improvements

  • Web jobs (like nightly timed jobs, project publishing, etc.) have been moved to their own web app.  This allows for running jobs quicker without sacrificing the performance of loading the application pages and functions.
  • When switching views in the work planner, you should notice the views load quicker now.
  • Dragging and dropping cost data in the financial planner is now much quicker when dragging large amounts of data.
  • The Feedback and help links have been updated with more relevant and useful / updated information.
  • The trial guide has been updated to provide new users quick overviews to learn how to use common functions.
  • If the new Help Guide app is installed, you can access contextual help for the current page / app you are using.  This should make it easier for new users to use OnePlan.
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