OnePlan Release Notes - March 26th, 2021 Release

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The OnePlan team is pleased to announce the latest release of OnePlan.  Check out what's new & enhanced this month!

Work Plan

  • Work Plan templates will now save all work types and activities.  This allows for templatizing things like risks, backlog items, etc. instead of just tasks.  
  • When saving templates you can now add a description to your template.  This is helpful for describing when the template should be used.
  • Users that have contributors or above permissions in OnePlan can now create personal templates that only they can see.  Global templates can still be created by Managers or Owners.
  • Baseline fields can now be easily created in bulk instead of one by one.  A new admin section has been added to the Work Plan settings to add / configure baselines.  Once baselines have been configured users will only see the available baselines.
  • Work Item forms are now configurable similar to how plan detail forms can be configured.  In the Work Plan settings you can now configure work item forms with fields, sections, etc.  This currently only updates the quick edit form.  In a future release this will also update the item information form.
  • Assigning resources is now easier and requires less clicks.  When assigning a resource you no longer need to click the save and close button.
  • When saving views in the Work Plan, the sort selected will now be saved as well.
  • The resource usage view introduced in the February 2021 release can now be dragged to be a full screen view.  This makes it easier to see many resources availability at one time.
  • When you select the last task in your schedule, clicking enter will now add a new task.  This makes it quicker / easier to create new tasks and build out your schedule.

My Work

  • The My Work Grid has been renamed to the List view.  
  • You can now Group, Filter, Sort, and save views.  This allows for better organization and management of your work item.
  • You can now view a Gantt of your work items to better visualize the timeline of when work needs to be completed.
  • If you have a team member plus license or above, you can now add new work items from My Work.  This allows for a higher level of collaboration on work.
  • An approval status indicator has been added to my work.  This makes it easier to see if your status updates have been approved or not.
  • You can now view the activities related to tasks.  You can also add new activities and update status on them use the built in activity Kanban board.

Project Pro Desktop Publisher

  • When publishing MS Project Pro Desktop schedules to OnePlan, the WBS number will now update on each publish.

Work Scheduler

  • Multiple performance improvements have been made. 

Plan Details

  • You can now trigger a re-organize from the hierarchy lookup fields on the plan details page.  This allows you to select a new parent plan for the plan you are on (for example a new program for the project detail form you are on).

Insights Home Page

  • If you have contributor or above permissions you can now add plans of all types from the home page.  Previously you had to go to the portfolios page to do this.

User Management

  • If you try to delete a user who has data associated to them (assigned tasks, etc), it will now show a message letting you know that the user still has data related to them and they can not be deleted, they can only be deactivated.
  • If your name has been changed in Azure Active Directory, when you login your name will be updated in the resource pool to your new name.

Status Reports

  • The WBS field for items in your schedule can now be added to the work items list in your status reports.

Odata Reporting

  • Activities are now available in the odata feed for reporting in tools like Power BI that can connect to odata feeds.

Azure DevOps Integration

The Azure DevOps integration now supports creating Backlog items in OnePlan and syncing them to DevOps.  Previously work items could only sync from DevOps to OnePlan.  This allows for building a high level plan in OnePlan and then syncing the items to DevOps.  Then users in DevOps can send status and detai8led work items back to OnePlan.

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