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This article explains how to use the Timesheets Entry features as a Team Member, someone who is tracking time on plans & tasks.

NOTE: Resources must be assigned a role to import timesheet hours into the resource plan.

Click on the Timesheets icon in the navigation.  You will begin in the "Time Entry" mode. This is where Team Members track time on their work assignments.

Any items that are assigned to you and have dates overlapping the timesheet period dates will auto-add to the timesheet.

Change Timesheet Periods

When you first go to your timesheet, you'll navigate to the current timesheet period. If needed, you may navigate to another timesheet period.  

Click on the period dates. A drop down will show all open/unlocked timesheet periods. If the admin has locked a period, you can no longer navigate to it.

Use the period navigation icons to quickly move to the previous period, the current/"today" period, or the next period.

Copy or Import Timesheet Items

To copy or import timesheet items into your timesheet:

  1. Click the Copy Timesheet icon.
  2. Select the desired copy or import method:
    • Copy From Previous Period: Select to copy items from the previous timesheet period into the current timesheet period. This will overwrite any existing entries for this period.
    • Copy To Next Period: Select to copy items from the current timesheet period to the next timesheet period. This will overwrite any existing entries for that period.
    • Import from Tasks: Select to add any tasks to your timesheet you are currently assigned to for the current period.
    • Import from Resource Plan: Select to import items that have been assigned to you in the Resource Plan. This will overwrite any existing entries for that period.
  3. Click YES on the warning pop up to confirm the copy.
    NOTE: If using the Import from Resource Plan method, check the "Include hours in import" check box to import hours from the Resource Plan into the timesheet.

Search for and Add Timesheet Items

There are multiple methods to add a task to your timesheet.

Use the Add Item icon.

  1. Click the Add Item icon. The Add Tasks window will open.
  2. Locate and select a task.
    1. Select a plan, then select a task.
      1. Search for or select the desired plan. Either type in the plan name into the Find Plan field, or select a plan from the list of plans.
      2. Select the desired task.
    2. Search for the desired task directly.
      1. Type in the task name into the Find Task field. The Find Task search results will display task names with the associated plan name in parentheses.
      2. Select the desired task.
  3. Click ADD TASK to add the selected task to your timesheet.

Use the Add Task bar.

  1. Search for or select the desired plan. Either type in the plan name into the Select Plan field, or open the dropdown and select a plan.
  2. Select the desired task from the Select Tasks dropdown. When a task is selected, it will be added to your timesheet.

Track Time

  1. Enter time into the date cells.  
  2. When you click in a cell, the task info pops open on the right side with the following: Plan, Task, Date, Hours, & Notes.
  3. You may enter values for additional fields, such as Charge Type.
    NOTE: Additional fields vary by organization and are setup by your administrator.

Submit Time

Typically at the end of the timesheet period, you submit your time.  

  1. Select the items to submit.  
  2. Click the Submit icon.
  3. If needed, you may also select items & recall them, if you need to make changes.

Time Submitted

Once a row is submitted, it is no longer editable.  If needed, you may select the row & recall to edit.

View Workflow Status

When the approver has approved or rejected, you will see the updated status icon.  Click on the icon to see the workflow status and any approval/rejection notes.

NOTE: based on your organization, timesheets may be set to auto-approve.


If the Billable Grouping setting is enabled on one of your timesheet fields, you may expand the Total section to see a breakdown of your hours.  Note that hours types may be titled something other than "billable" (i.e. chargeable, etc.).  The Utilization graph is based on whichever field value (i.e. "Billable") divided by the number of daily target hours per day.


Act as Delegate

If you are a delegate for another user, you may view and edit their timesheet on their behalf.  The user profile photo shows for whose timesheet you see.  Click on the photo to see a list of your delegated users & select another user's timesheet, if able and needed.  

Assign Delegates

If enabled, you may be able to assign your own delegates.  Click on your user profile picture.  Select My Delegates.  Enter any names for Entry Delegates & Approval Delegates (Anything for which you are the approver will be delegated to the approval delegate(s) you assign).

Make a Comment on a Task or Project

To make a comment on a task or project from the timesheet:

  1. Click the Comments icon. The Comment window will open.
    NOTE: You can view all previous comments on the task or project in the Comment window.
  2. In the Comment window, enter your comment.
  3. Press Enter to submit your comment.
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