How do I view and edit plans from the Portfolios page?

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This article explains how to view and update plans from the Portfolios page.

Editable Grid

The Portfolios page is editable.  Add any columns to the view you want to edit.  If the field is editable and you have permissions to edit that item, click on the desired field to change.  Certain fields may not be available for certain plan types, based on configuration.  In that case, you won't be able to edit the value.

Plan Contextual Menu

Select the contextual menu for a plan to see the available planning modules and options for that plan.  Based on the plan's type & stage, certain features may be enabled or not.

Quick Edit

Select Quick Edit from the plan's contextual menu. On the right side of the screen, the plan details form appears, condensed to one column. Scroll up & down for the plan fields. Click the Expand icon to open a larger view of the plan details form. The form is editable and your edits save automatically.

Plan Details

Select Plan Details from the plan's contextual menu.  The Plan Details will launch on the screen.

Plan Detail Forms are collapsible.  They act like an accordion when collapsed, and can be expanded as needed.  This is helpful for navigating through forms with many sections and fields.

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