How do I use My Work?

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This article explains how to use My Work.  The My Work feature is designed for Team Members, as a single page to view & update all work assignments.  The Plan Owner will see the updated values when they look at the plan schedule and elsewhere (reports, etc.)

Update View as Desired

Add Columns that you may want to include in the view and/or update. 

  • Hover over the column
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the column heading
  • Hover over Columns 
  • Select or de-select the views you would like turned on


You can Group information by things like Plan or % Done.

  • Click on the column heading
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the column name
  • Select "Group by this field"

Mark Complete

To mark an item complete do the following:

  • Select the check box  to the left of the item to mark it as complete
  • The field values will get a line through them  
  • Status will update to Completed and % Done will update to 100%

Update an Item In-Line

Update any field in line that's editable, such as % Done, Status, etc.

  • Click the field you wish to edit
  • Select the appropriate option within the drop-down

Field Calculations

Some fields are auto-updated based on the values of others, such as the Complete Check Box, Status, & % Done.  

  • Update the Status column from Not Started to In Progress, the % Done goes from 0% to 50%
  • Update the Status column to Completed, the % Done goes from 50% to 100%
  • You can also update the % Done column to see  the same changes in the Status column

Time Off

You can now add time off from the My Work app. The Time Off icon has been added to the top left corner. This allows team members to easily add their Time Off requests.

You can now access Time Off requests from the Resource Pool as well. Managers can view their resources and then review and approve requests across the resources they manage.

Adding vacation and holidays ensures that the capacity planning for resources is as current as possible.

  • Click the plus sign to add time off
  • Fill out the required information and Save
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