How do I use the Resource Plan page?

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This article explains how to navigate and use the Resource Plan page. The Resource Plan page shows all resource allocation across all the plans.  This is a useful page for managers to review allocation across multiple plans.  If your organization is using the Negotiations feature, the email notifications contain a link to the Resource Plan page, filtered for that plan's resources.  You can also navigate to the page directly via the Resource Plan icon on the OnePlan navigation menu.


Select a pre-filter to review desired resource types. Pre-filters are configured by your administrator. Pre-filters can be required or optional. When pre-filters are required, no resources will be displayed in the Resource Plan page until a pre-filter is applied.

Icon Menu

Icons listed in order from left to right:

Icon Description
Add Booking Click this icon to launch the booking form.
Resource Pane Click the icon to toggle showing the resource pane on the bottom half of the screen. See How do I use the Resource Pane? for more details. 
Planning Units Mode Select Hours, % (Percent), or FTE (Full Time Equivalent).
Cost Types Toggle between Resource Plan cost types. Cost Types are configured per business use case. These allow for analysis of how resources are initially planned compared to how they are actually assigned and work.
Dates Select the desired date range of periods. Note that the "Totals" column will calculate based off the date range selected if the planning unit mode is % or FTE.
Filters Select a filters to narrow what shows in the page. Select Clear Filters to remove all filter selections.
Group By Select a field to group the resources by that field. Resource-level choice fields (such as Department and Role) are available for grouping.
Delegates Applicable only if the negotiations feature is enabled. The Resource Manager can assign delegates to approve on their behalf, such as their team or department. 

Add Booking Form

  1. Select a resource row.  
  2. Click the Add Booking icon.  
  3. Complete the Add Booking form.  From the Resource Plan page, the Add Booking form will launch with the Resource name auto-populated.  Select the plan to allocate the resource.  Whereas from the plan page, the plan is auto-populated and you would select the resource to allocate.
    • Select Resource: Begin typing the Resource Name, whether a named user or generic.  Available matching names will show.  Make your selection.
    • Booking Dates: date range for the allocation.  Select a From & To month & year.
    • Allocation Type: Enter the value in ONE of the allocation types, either hours per month, % allocation, or total hours.  If you select total hours, the hours will be divided evenly across the time selected between the booking dates.
  4. Click ADD when done.

Planning Mode

Select the planning unit modes, either Hours, %, or FTE.  When viewing or building your resource plan, use this icon to toggle between different units modes.  The system calculates between hours to FTE, which stands for Full Time Equivalent, in other words 1 full time person, and FTE %, or the percentage of a full-time person.  


Change the Date Range of your view as needed.  Select one of the preset date ranges such as Last Year, This Year, Next Year, or Next 5 Years.

Or, set a custom range, zoom to Months, Quarters, or Years, then select the time frame desired.  Then, click the Apply button.

Weekly Planning

If your group has weekly planning enabled, you may change the date range to be as detailed as weekly.  If the resource plan bookings go in at the monthly level, the total for the month will show on the 1st of each month.  The values are not spread across all days in the month.  However, if the bookings get entered for each week, the view can also be totaled for summary at the month/quarter/year levels.

Resource Plan Details

The bookings are grouped under each resource.  Public rows (if the public/private feature is enabled) show.

The summary rows show the total allocation for each resource.  The colors are based on their percentage of availability utilized (how much of their time is taken).  

Resource Plan Color Legend

  • GREEN: Less than 90% Availability Used
  • LIGHT GREEN: Greater than or Equal to 90% --- to --- Less than or Equal to 100% Availability Used
  • YELLOW: Greater than 100% --- to --- Less than or Equal to 105% Availability Used
  • ORANGE: Greater than 105% --- to --- Less than 112% Availability Used
  • RED: Greater than or Equal to 112% Availability Used

Resource Plan Details & Resource Pane

If you show the Resource Pane in the lower half of the screen, each resource's summary row shows remaining availability.  The color legend is the same as noted above.

Resource Approvals with Negotiations

When the Negotiations feature is enabled, the additional status & approval columns show. See How is resource planning done with the Negotiations feature enabled? for more information about the notifications & approvals with negotiations.

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