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The Shared With window is where you can manage your team.  You may add team members and manage the security permissions for your plan.

Open Shared With

Open the Grid Options menu. Select Shared with. You may also access the Shared With window via the plan contextual menu from elsewhere (i.e. Portfolios, Plan Menu, etc.).

The plan team shows with each user's Name, Email address and Access level.

Edit Access

Click in the Access column to change a team member's access level.  Select the desired level.

Access Levels:

  • No Access: Cannot see or access the plan at all.
  • My Work Only: Can see the work items (tasks & activities) assigned, and can update status for their work items.  Cannot see the overall plan.
  • Reader:  Can see the plan, but cannot edit any items.
  • Contributor: Can see the plan, and can edit items.
  • Owner: Can make any changes, add & edit items, change user access.

Add User

Add a user to your plan by typing their name into the Add User space.  Once you type 3 or more letters, matching users will show for selection based on the directory of users in the Resource Center.

Newly added users will be added to the team as Reader. Adjust the access level as necessary.

Delete User

To delete a user, click the red dash the the left of the user.  This does not delete the user from OnePlan, just from your plan.

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