What is Scheduling Mode?

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This article explains how to set the scheduling mode for a task in your plan.  This is also referred to as the Task Type.  You may set the default task type at the plan level, which will set the default for each new task in your plan.  You may still change individual tasks as needed.

If you don't have the Default Task Type field available in your OnePlan, your Admin will need to run a tool to add it.  Refer to this article with the administrator's instructions: How do I add the Default Task Type field?

Options Defined

  • Normal: All fields can be changed manually.
  • Fixed Duration: Changing the dates (Duration) on a task auto-updates the effort (work hours).
  • Fixed Effort: Changing the effort on a task auto-updates the duration.
  • Fixed Units: Assignment units are fixed. When you make updates, the units will not change.
  • Dynamic Assignment: Changing either the effort or duration on a task auto-updates the assignment units (percentage usage of the resource assigned).

Set Default Task Type at the Plan Level

In the Portfolios page, you may add the field Default Task Type to your view.  Then, select the default task type for your plan.  If the Default Task Type field is not available, ask your administrator to add it to your OnePlan group.

You may also set the Default Task Type on the Plan Details form or Quick Edit form, if the field has been added to your form.

Set Individual Task Scheduling Mode

When editing individual tasks, you may set the scheduling mode.  

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