How do I use the Resource Pane?

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This article explains how to use the Resource pane features as part of building, analyzing, & modifying resource plans in OnePlan.

Who does these actions varies between organizations.  Sometimes it’s the plan owner, project manager, scrum master, etc.  Sometimes it is the department or functional manager who determines the best assigned persons to a plan.

Show/Hide the Resource Pane

The Resource pane may be toggled on/off by clicking on the Resource pane icon in the icon menu.

Sort Resources

Click the column heading (1), or open the drop down (2) to toggle between sorting a column in ascending and descending order.

Analyze Resources

By default, when the Resource pane is shown, the current plan's resources will show.  Details about the resources show in the columns on the left side.  The resources' allocation broken down by plan will show on the right.  The summary row shows the remaining availability.  

Resource Plan Color Legend

  • GREEN: Less than 90% Availability Used
  • LIGHT GREEN: Greater than or Equal to 90% --- to --- Less than or Equal to 100% Availability Used
  • YELLOW: Greater than 100% --- to --- Less than or Equal to 105% Availability Used
  • ORANGE: Greater than 105% --- to --- Less than 112% Availability Used
  • RED: Greater than or Equal to 112% Availability Used

Expand any resource to see to which plans they are allocated.  If the private/public feature is enabled, only public rows will be included in the totals.

Find Resources

Select the Find Resources drop down menu to expand.  Highlight a field to search.  The results will filter accordingly.

  • By Current Plan - shows the current plan's resources
  • Search by Name - type a name to search
  • Generics - shows generic resources from the Resource Center
  • By Department - filters out based on your organization's departments
  • By Role - filters out based on your organization's roles
  • Other - each additional resource-level field (if any) that has been configured for your organization will also show as an available field for searching

Add a Resource

  1. Select the desired resource, whether a named resource or generic, in the lower resource pane.  
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. The resource will be added to the resource plan above.  Allocate the newly added resource as needed.

Fulfill a Resource

If a plan has generic resource placeholders, such as roles, you can fulfill the resource requirement with one or more named resources.  

If you want to fulfill resources in the global Resource Plan page, set the page view Resource Requirements.

  1. Select the generic resource in the upper resource plan pane.
    NOTE: If in the global Resource Plan page, expand the desired project to view the requested resources.
  2. Filter for named resources, such as by role, to fulfill the resource requirement. See Find Resources.
  3. Select the desired resource in the lower resource pane.
  4. Click Replace Resource.
  5. In the popup, click Fulfill.
  6. To assign another resource to fulfill the resource requirement, repeat steps 1-5.

The generic resource now has named resources assigned to fulfill the resource requirement.

The resource details will show the original resource requirement, and the remaining resources needed to fulfill the requirements (in hours, FTE, or %).

Fulfill a resource

Replace a Resource

There are multiple reasons that may necessitate the plan's resources be replaced by other resources.  Two common reasons are below:

  • Initially, a plan may have generic placeholders, such as by role, for who is needed, then later a specific named person will be assigned to that plan.
  • One person who was allocated to a plan may be overbooked, so another person with availability may be replaced to do the work instead.
  1. Select the desired replacement resource, whether a named resource or generic, in the lower resource pane.  
  2. Select the resource to be replaced in the upper resource plan pane.
  3. Click Replace Resource.
  4. In the popup, Click Replace.

The resource will be swapped with the new replacement in the resource plan above.  The allocation will stay the same.  The status will return to proposed and the row will return to private.

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