Step 12: Allocate Microsoft DPOR to OnePlan Solutions

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The Digital Partner of Record for Office 365 is the partner who is helping the customer design, build, deploy or manage a solution that they have built on the service. It is not the partner who sold the subscription.

We recommend a Digital Partner of Record be assigned to subscriptions right away. Digital Partners of Record can also be assigned for Azure subscriptions in the admin portal for that service.

Set up Microsoft DPOR

NOTE: Office 365 Admin pages change frequently, so these screenshots may not match your environment exactly.

1. Log into your Microsoft 365 account. Go to the Admin Center.

2. Go to the Billing > Licenses. Ensure you are in the Subscriptions tab.

4. Select the desired subscription from the list of your subscriptions. The License details will open for the selected subscription.

5. Click on the Manage subscription details just below the license name.

4. Go to the Partner information section of the subscription details. Enter 6101651 (OnePlan's Microsoft Partner ID) in the Microsoft Partner Network ID field. Click Add.

5. Repeat steps 3-5 for all remaining licenses such as:

  • PowerApps

  • Project for the Web (Plan 1 or Plan 3)

  • Project Online Professional

  • Power BI Pro

Set up Azure DPOR

To setup Azure DPOR:

1. Log into the Azure portal.

2. From the dashboard or the hamburger menu, select Azure Active Directory.

3. Go to Overview.

3. Locate the Tenant ID and Primary Domain. Copy both items and save for later.

NOTE: It is recommended that you paste the copied items into an email draft.

4. Open the hamburger menu.

5. Go to Subscriptions.

NOTE: If Subscriptions is not available from the hamburger menu, select All Services, then Subscriptions.

6. Locate the Subscription ID. Copy the ID and save it for later.

NOTE: It is recommended that you paste the Subscription ID into the same email draft as the Tenant ID and Primary Domain.

7. Send the Tenant ID, Primary Domain, and Subscription ID to your OnePlan representative, who will complete the Azure DOPR setup.

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