OneConnect Setup

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OneConnect Pre-requisites

The pre-requisites for OneConnect include the following:

  1. Office 365 Tenant
  2. Service Account(s) with appropriate licenses.  It is important that each integration requires a unique service account to prevent potential throttling issues.

OneConnect Setup Actions

The following actions need to be completed to complete OneConnect setup:

Approve the OneConnect App

An Office 365 Tenant Administrator needs to approve the OneConnect app.

1.  Login to and approve the consent form from Microsoft.  Be sure to check the “Consent on behalf of the organization” box if available.

2.  Complete the registration information and click Submit.

3.  In the top right corner, hover over the Gear icon and click the Setting link.   Click the "Grant Admin Consent" button to Consent approval for all users.

Complete Azure Application Registration

OnePlan will need an App ID to an app registration in Azure for integrations with PowerApps.

  1. An Azure tenant admin will need to navigate to the Azure Portal.
  2. In the Azure Portal Menu, select Azure Active Directory, then select App Registrations on the left menu.
  3. Create a new registration.  We recommend naming it OneConnect  Dynamics, but you can use your own naming convention.  Leave the default Supported Account Types, and no Redirect URI.  Click Register.
  4. Click View API Permissions, then choose to Add a permission.  Add the Dynamics CRM permission.  The permission type should be Delegated and be sure to check the box next to user impersonation.  Click Add, then click the Grant admin consent button on the API Permissions page.
  5. Click the Authentication button the left menu, then check the box for ID tokens under Advanced settings>Implicit Grant.  Change the Default client type slider to Yes.  Click Save at the top of the screen.
  6. Click the Overview link on the left menu.  Find the Application (client) ID.  Copy this GUID and send it to OnePlan.  This ID will be needed to create the integration with PowerApps.
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