OnePlan Setup

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The following actions need to be completed to complete OnePlan setup:

1.  Approve OnePlan app by an Office 365 Tenant Administrator.  

Log into  This site will log you in to your organization’s Office 365 account and ask you to consent for access to read users from your domain. If available, check the box to consent for all users in your organization

2.  Create a NewOnePlanGroup

Once completed, the user will be navigated to a welcome page.  Near the bottom of the screen click the Create Group link.

*If a tenant admin gets an access page denied for first time trying to login, navigate to to create a group.

3.  Name your new group and select the Adaptive Portfolio Management template.  Click Create Group.  You can fill out the Registration information now or select the Skip button to do that later.

4.  Navigate to and check the box to enable advanced features.

5.  Click the Integrations link on the left and click “here” on the “To allow integration to this tenant, please make sure you are logged in with a tenant admin and click here” text.  This will give you the Microsoft prompt to consent approval for all users. Creating a group first is needed before using any templates before approval can be clicked.

6.  If you will be connecting with Teams, select Teams in the navigation. Click the link to enable the Teams integration. In order to use this integration, a tenant admin must allow Teams permission. Click the Enable Permissions button. This allows OnePlan to communicate with Microsoft Teams then click Accept.

7.  Click the gear in the top right corner, then choose the Users page on the left.  Add a new user for the account you will give to OnePlan for configuration and grant it Owner permissions.

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