Types of Service Request for OnePlan Customers

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The OnePlan Support Portal supports a variety of types of service requests. These include:


Some people simply would like to have a question answered, whether it is related to a product related how-to or simply wanting to learn more about OnePlan security. Our team is here to help you get those questions answered!


An incident is defined an incident as ‘an unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service.’ When everything works exactly the way it’s meant to, the service in question operates without a hitch. But when something doesn’t, it causes ‘unplanned interruptions’ to the service and creates an incident. So, the main goal of Incident Management is to provide a quick fix that resolves the interruption and restores the service to its full capacity. Incidents can be related to a product defect or configuration defect. If product defect, the service request in Zendesk is escalated to the product team and associated to a defect in our product backlog so that we know when it will be resolved.

Feature Requests

No one knows our products better than you, our users. We love hearing about how you use our tools and what you think would make them better. When you run into something that doesn't work quite the way you would like it to, or you have an idea for something that would enhance one of our products, we want to hear from you!

To share your suggestions, ideas, and feedback, all you need to do create a Feature Request. Before you post, we suggest that you read the product feedback guidelines, which also includes helpful information on how to submit an effective Feature Request. We get A LOT of feedback and appreciate the insight. The product team reviews feedback on a bi-weekly basis. Approved Feature Requests are associated to a user story in Azure Dev Ops and the service request is closed. This does not mean we are committing to the enhancement since that will be decided on in our release & backlog planning. We will then track the item and will notify the customer if it is associated to a release. If it is associated to a release, we notify the customer of its progress through the release. We are always working on improving our product feedback process and will keep you updated on our current initiatives to make this process more collaborative.

Configuration Enhancements

Configuration Requests are available to customers who are leveraging our Admin Assist. To learn more about our Admin Assist service offering, please review this article.

Sales Support

To get additional information on adding licenses, OnePlan service offerings or any other related sales question, customers can submit a Sales Support request.

Training Request

For customers who are leveraging our Admin Assist, they can request to obtain training or coaching services. To learn more about our Admin Assist service offering, please review this article. If you do not have Admin Assist, you can submit a training request and our engineers will get you in touch with your Customer Success Manager regarding next steps.

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