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Products Covered

The following terms apply to the following Products:

  • OnePlan

  • OneConnect

  • OneAnalytics

Terms and Definitions

The following terms are used by OnePlan:

  • Severity: Impact and urgency of an incident. Severity definitions are specified below.

  • Incident: An issue with the product that requires technical assistance from OnePlan’s support and/or product team.

  • Initial Response Time: Refers to the time, in business hours, that elapsed between OnePlan receiving the incident notification and the initial response to the customer.

  • Defect: Flaw or fault in the product that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

  • Enhancement: A request for additional functionality or changed behavior beyond the current intended behavior of the product.

  • Workaround: Short term and/or temporary solution to the problem or limitation that allows for continued use of the product while a permanent solution is pending.

  • Support Availability: Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 9:00pm US Eastern Time

Support Priority and Response Times
Severity Level Definitions
Severity Definition
Sev 1 Product unavailable to all or most users, causing a significant disruption in business operations with no workaround available.
Sev 2 Significant loss of functionality impacting multiple users, with partial or full workarounds available.
Sev 3 Incident is not disruptive to operations, impacting one or a small number of users.  (Minor incident that impacts product usability but doesn’t bring things to a halt).
Sev 4 Incident is minor or cosmetic. (Bugs or support issues that don’t impact product usability.)

Customers submitting new incidents will assign severity in accordance with the definitions outlined above. OnePlan reserves the right to reset or modify the severity level based on the definitions outlined above.

Incident Initial Response Times (in business hours)
Severity Standard Initial Response Time Premier Initial Response Time
Sev 1 4 hours 2 hours
Sev 2 8 hours 4 hours
Sev 3 24 hours 16 hours
Sev 4 48 hours 24 hours
Ticket State Definitions
State Description
New Incident created by customer and pending review and assignment by OnePlan.
Open Incident has been assigned to a support engineer and is being actively worked.
Planned - Defect Incident has been added to our product backlog to troubleshoot and identify a fix.
Submitted - Enhancement Item has been identified as a new feature or enhancement to existing functionality. Item is now under review to determine its feasibility, impact and timing.
Pending A solution has been implemented, and pending customer review and confirmation. Three notifications will be sent prior to closing the ticket. Pending tickets will be closed after 5 days unless we hear otherwise from the customer.
Solved Incident has been resolved and pending customer confirmation to close the incident. Customer has four days to confirm that a solution has been provided. If no feedback has been provided by the customer after four days, the state will be set to “Closed”.

Incident is confirmed to be resolved and permanently closed.

Incident is confirmed to be resolved and permanently closed.

It is expected that customers will provide feedback within a reasonable timeframe. As such, if a ticket is labeled as Awaiting your reply / Pending information from the customer and it has been 5 days without a response, they will be reminded to please provide a response and notified the ticket will remain open 3 more days. If there is still no response after 3 more days, the ticket will be closed.

Additional Terms and Conditions
  • SLAs listed above only apply to incidents, and are not applicable to change and feature requests, as well as general product feedback.

  • OnePlan support SLA’s apply only to products covered by this support agreement (see “Products Covered” section above). Eg: PowerBI, PowerPlatform, etc are out of OnePlan’s support scope and will be addressed via Microsoft support and services.

  • Incidents placed “on-hold” or pending customer response are not subject to above SLAs.

  • Support coverage excludes official US Holidays.

  • Incidents must be submitted via OnePlan’s online support portal. See Access the Support Portal and Your Tickets for more information.

  • Email support: Standard Office HoursEmail support: Standard Office Hours.

  • Onsite assistance available if deemed necessary and approved by Contractor Business Relationship Manager and Client Sponsor. Additional costs apply.

  • Remote assistance using Remote Desktop and a Virtual Private Network where available.

  • Any component modified by the customer without Contractor’s guidance that requires support would be subject to additional charges.Any component modified by the customer without Contractor’s guidance that requires support would be subject to additional charges.

  • Incidents do not cover other Contractor service offerings, such as Implementation services, Custom Development services, Training Services or Strategic Advisory Services.

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