What are the Features and Benefits of OnePlan?

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The OnePlan resource scheduler enhances the capabilities of Project Online for resource scheduling and capacity planning.  OnePlan functionality opens within your Project Online environment, and the changes made sync with Project Online.

Ease of Use

Add, edit, and move resource engagements quickly and easily.

Drag & Drop Visual Scheduling

Editable Grid

Quickly update data in-line.  

Match Resource Requirements

Match Resource Requirements for projects based on team member's roles, skills, & availability.  OnePlan is fully integrated with the Project Online Resource Pool.

Add new resources.  Move engagements to other resources.

Centralized View

Show resource workload for a single project and across all projects ("Show All Work") to view whether the resources are appropriately allocated or not.

Team Collaboration

Team Member Updates

Request updates via the email client.  Team members can make their update responses directly through email.

Social Features

Comments keep collaboration on your project centrally visible.  

Agile & Waterfall Hybrid


Activities allow for smaller pieces of work to be tracked, that don't need to be a full task in the plan.  This allows agile planning of work within the overall plan/schedule.  Schedule tasks with dependencies, etc.  Then, for specific tasks, add individual activities for the various items to complete in that task's time frame.


OnePlan's KanBan board is effective for quickly moving items between statuses.  Also, items can be moved upward & downward within the columns to maintain visibility on the high priority items.  

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