How do I Add a Booking in the Resource Scheduler?

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As a Resource Manager, you may add a booking to your resource team.  These bookings can be high level planning, they don't need to be detailed task assignments.  Though, the booking window allows you to enter detailed information on the booking.  

Drag a New Booking

Click in the Scheduler when you want the booking to begin and drag your mouse to the end date.  When you let go of the mouse-click, the Add Booking window will open.  The dates will automatically fill in with the dates you selected by dragging for that resource.  Then, fill in the rest of the info as needed.

Add Booking Icon

Click the blue Add Booking icon.  

Add Booking Window

Scheduling Tab

Complete the Add Booking form, Scheduling tab.

  • Select Plan:  Select an existing plan in OnePlan
  • Select Task: Use the drop down menu to select an existing task or type in a new task
  • Select Resource: Type the name of the resource.  As you type, your options will fill in

Booking Dates & Allocation Type - If you selected a task in the earlier step, the remaining fields will be greyed out and auto-fill with that tasks dates & values.

  • Booking Dates:  Choose the From & To dates.  
  • Hours Per Day: Enter the number of hours per day.  This field is directly tied to % allocation.  This is based on the number of configured work hours per day as 100%.
  • % Allocation: Enter the % allocation.  This field is directly tied to hours per day. This is based on the number of configured work hours per day as 100%.
  • Total Hours: This is calculated as Hours Per Day x % Allocation.

Information Tab

Fill in the booking information tab as needed.  Some of the details will get updated later as far as progress, etc.  

Notes Tab

Add any notes to this booking as needed on the Notes tab.  


Click Save when ready to save & close the new booking window.

New Booking in the Scheduler

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