What Shows on the Resource Scheduler View Header?

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The Resource Scheduler is very similar to the Plan Scheduler.  The main difference is that the Plan Scheduler shows the resource bookings/engagements for a single project/plan, whereas the Resource Scheduler shows all resource bookings.  Note: you can still see all resource bookings from the Plan Scheduler using the Show All Work feature.  

Add Booking

Click the blue Add Booking icon.  

Complete the Add Booking form.


  1. Click the blue Requests icon.  
  2. Complete the Request Update form.  Click Send Update Request button when ready.
  • Tasks: Select either 'Selected Tasks' or 'Tasks Assigned to Me'
  • Select Fields: Use the drop down menu to choose which fields you want updated by the recipient(s)
  • Schedule: Select either Send Now, Daily, or Monthly
  • Enter a Message: This message will be in the email body requesting updates

Utilization Mode

Select either Hourly (H) or Percentage (%).


Select Day, Week, Month, or Year to zoom in or out of your resource allocations.


Select a field to group by, if preferred.


Choose the From & To dates to view in the Scheduler.  If the date range is wide (and depending on the selected zoom level), a left-right scroll bar will be at the bottom of the scheduler.

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