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This article explains how to manage My Work work items in the List view.

The List is the main way to manage and update assigned work items in My Work. From the List view, users can manage work items, create new work items, add activities to work items, view work in a gantt chart, and enter time off.

See My Work overview for a brief overview of My Work.

Mark a work item "complete"

Select the check box to mark an item as complete. The field values will get a line through them. Status will update to Completed and % Done will update to 100%.

Once you have updated the task and the Project Manager has accepted the changes there will be an approval status indicator. This makes it easy to see if the status updates have been approved.

Update work item information

Click into and update any field in line that's editable, such as % Done, Status, etc.

Some fields are auto-updated based on the values of others, such as the Status and % Done. If you update the Status from Not Started to In Progress, the % Done goes from 0% to 50%, and vice versa.

Add a new work item

Users need at least a Team Member plus license to add work items from My Work.

Click Add New Item to add a new work item to a plan in My Work. Work items created in My Work will automatically be assigned to the user who created them.

See Add a work item in My Work for more information on creating work items in My Work.

Enter time off

See Enter a time off request for instructions and information entering time off.

View and add activities to work items

Select a work item in the List view. Then click Activities to view the activities for that work item. There is an activities button in the header, or next to the work item title.

Add a new activity

There are two ways to quickly add a new activity for a task:

  • Using the Add Activity field.
    1. Enter the name of the new activity in the field.
    2. Press Enter. The new activity will be added to the farthest left column of the activities board (typically "Not Started").
  • Using the Add Task button.
    1. Click the Add Task button in the desired column. The new activity will be added to the bottom of the column.

Newly added activities are blank. To add information to the activities:

  1. Double click the activity. The Edit task form will open.
  2. Update the Edit task form.
    • Name: Enter the name of the activity.
    • Description: Enter a description of the activity.
    • Resources: Search for and select users to assign the activity.
    • State: Select the state the activity is in.
  3. Press Enter to apply the changes.

Show gantt

The gantt view allows team members to better visualize the timeline of when work needs to be completed. The buttons to the right of the gantt allow for zooming in and zooming out along with Zoom to Fit.

Group, filter, sort, and arrange work items

To narrow and organize the work items in My Work, use the group, filter, sort, and column functions.

Modify views

Make any changes to the view, such as adding columns, arranging columns, etc.

Add or remove columns

Right-click a column header

To add or remove a column:

  1. Right-click in any column header. Expand the Columns sub-heading.
  2. Select or deselect the columns to show or hide in the view. Newly added columns show on the far right.

The columns already in the view marked with a check. The remaining available fields are listed.

Select Columns button

To add or remove columns:

  1. Click Select Columns. The Select Columns form will open.
  2. To add columns to the view, drag and drop desired columns from the All Columns column into the Selected Columns column.
  3. To remove a column, drag and drop the desired column from the Selected Columns column into the All Columns column.

Arrange column order

To arrange the columns, click on the column heading and drag the column to the desired location. Let go of the mouse to drop the column in that spot.

Sort columns

Click on the column header so sort the column in ascending or descending order.

Group work items

Select a grouping category from the Group By drop down to group the work items.

Filter work items

Click the Filter icon to sort the Work Items by a field.

Use, create, and manage views

Click Views to open the drop down. You can select a saved view, or create and save your own personal view. See Create and edit views in My Work for more information on views.

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