OnePlan and Microsoft 365 Planner


This article explains how to set up the integration between your OnePlan group/environment and Microsoft 365 Planner.

How to Use OnePlan with Microsoft 365 Planner

OnePlan Setup

In order to do the OnePlan setup, you need to be an admin, meaning you are a user with Owner permissions in OnePlan.

  1.  Log in to your OnePlan group with your Office365 account.
  2. Open the Admin pages by clicking on the Settings gear.
  3. Select Integration in the admin navigation.  
  4. Click the + (plus) icon in the Authentication Keys section.
  5. Save the key name and generated key somewhere (such as in a notepad doc), as once you navigate away, the key cannot be seen. To be used at a later step in the OneConnect configuration.
  6.  Approve OnePlan app by navigating to: (

OneConnect Setup

  1. Go to
  2. Configure the following integration: OnePlan and Office 365 Planner.  Click the Configure button.


  1. OnePlan Group Name: Enter the name of the OnePlan group that you are connecting to.
  2. Authentication Key: Enter/paste the OnePlan Key that you saved from the earlier OnePlan Setup steps.
  3. Click the Next button.


  1. Click the Next button.


  1. Authorize updates to M365 Planner tasks.
    • A user with tenant Admin rights can click the Authorize button. If the Authorize button is used, leave the app settings blank.
    • A user can also create their own app registration in Azure Active Directory. Check the check box and input the app registration info in the areas provided.

Integration Information


This integration has two main use cases for functionality.

  1. Create or Update plans from OnePlan as a Plan in Microsoft 365 Planner.
  2. Create or Update tasks from Microsoft 365 Planner into OnePlan schedule.

Scheduled Jobs

*Microsoft 365 Planner currently does not support scheduled jobs.

  1. OnePlanUpdate
    • Synchronize plans and tasks from Microsoft 365 Planner to OnePlan
  2. OnePlanPublish
    • Synchronize OnePlan plans and tasks into Microsoft 365 Planner as plans and tasks

Default Field Mapping

Plans (OnePlan) <--> Plans (Microsoft 365 Planner)

OnePlan Fields Microsoft 365 Planner Fields Direction
Name Project Name Both
Owner Owner Both

Tasks (OnePlan) <--> Tasks (Microsoft 365 Planner)

OnePlan Fields Microsoft 365 Planner Fields Direction
Name Task Name Both
StartDate Start Date Both
EndDate Due Date Both
% Done % Complete Both
Assigned to Assigned to Both
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