How do I configure lookup fields?


This article explains how to manage the Lookup and Multi Lookup fields.

What are Lookup Fields?

There are two field types available for creating new fields: Lookup and Multi Lookup.  Lookup fields are valuable for creating relationships between plans in the system.  If the plan types are set up in a flat hierarchy, use lookup and multi lookup fields to create the parent to child relationships.  If the plan types are set up in a hierarchy, lookup fields automatically get created and populated with the parent value for the children plans. Views can be grouped and filtered by the lookup fields.  Ex: A plan can have a lookup to the program-type plan(s) to which it's associated.  Or, a feature-type plan can have a lookup to the epic-type plan(s) to which it's associated.

Create New Lookup Field

Follow the steps to create a new plan-level field.  For more information, refer to the article: How do I manage fields?

  • Field Type: Select Lookup or Multi Lookup.
  • Lookup Plan Type: Select from which plan type the users will select the lookup field.
OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome

Multi Lookup Scenario

Multi Lookup fields are good for noting linking multiple other plans.

OnePlan Configuration - Google Chrome
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