How do I use SharePoint workspaces?

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This article explains how to use SharePoint workspaces with OnePlan.  This functionality requires the app Microsoft SharePoint be installed and configured by your admin.

Based on settings, a SharePoint workspace may be auto-created upon creation of your plan.  Or, a SharePoint workspace may be created manually as needed per plan.

Open Plan

Navigate to your plan from the Portfolios page.

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Select SharePoint

Open the plan contextual menu.  Select SharePoint.  

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Create New Plan Site/Workspace

Click the Connect button to create a workspace for this plan.  Based on the plan type, the template configured by the admin determines how the workspace looks with that template's lists, libraries, and content.

The new workspace is created following the Site Collection URL and then the plan name will be the workspace URL.

OnePlan - Google Chrome

Open Existing Plan Site/Workspace

Whether a workspace was created automatically or manually, the steps to open the workspace are the same.  Open the plan contextual menu.  Select SharePoint.  Click the button to open the connected workspace.

The plan name is also the site name in SharePoint.

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Workspace Permissions/Access

The OnePlan plan's team permissions transfers to the workspace permissions.  

  • Plan Owner: Workspace Owner permissions
  • Plan Member: Workspace Edit permisions
  • Plan Visitor: Workspace Read-Only permissions

Portfolios View - Plans with Workspaces

When viewing the Portfolios page, any plan with a connected SharePoint workspace created will show the SharePoint icon.

OnePlan - Google Chrome
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