How do I use OnePlan in Teams?

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This article explains how to use OnePlan in Microsoft Teams.  Your administrator will enable OnePlan for Teams.  You may access Teams via the desktop app or via the web.  

Group Level Team

Typically, you will have a Group Team, meaning a portfolio level Team for viewing & managing all the OnePlan plans.  

Select the Team that is the name of your OnePlan Group.  Click on the OnePlan tab to see all the OnePlan content and modules.  

Plan Level Teams

A separate Team may be created for each plan, as needed.  If a plan has its own Team already connected, the name of the Team will be the name of the Plan.  On the Portfolios page, a Microsoft Teams icon will show on the Plan row.  Click on the Team name in your Teams navigation or click the Teams icon to open that Team.

It's possible that a separate Team is created for every Plan created, or the Teams may need to be created on demand, as needed.  If unsure, verify with your OnePlan administrator which is the case for your organization.

Work in a Plan's Team

When viewing a Plan Team, the focus is only on that one Plan.  You may navigate to the available modules, and manage your plan.  

Create a new Plan Team

You may connect your Plan to a new Team either from the OnePlan website or from within Teams.  Open the Plan for which you will connect a new Team.  Expand the Plan menu.  Select Microsoft Teams.  

If a Team doesn't yet exist for this Plan, you will see "New Item - Create a new item in the destination system."  Click the Connect button.

Once the Team is created/connected, click Open Item, or select the Team in the Teams navigation.

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