How do I manage the My Work settings?


This article explains how to configure My Work in OnePlan.  This requires the app 'My Work Plan' is installed.  My Work is a page designed for the end users of OnePlan, the team members, to go to a central location to view and update work assignments across all their plans.  Make your selections with that in mind.

Go to the Admin pages, select My Work Plan in the navigation.

My Work Grid Page

  • Status Fields: Select all the task/work-level fields that will show by default in the My Work view.  Users will be able to add other columns to the My Work page as needed.
  • Require Approval: When selected/checked, task updates require approval by the Plan Owner.

My Work KanBan Board Page

  • Enable KanBan: When selected/checked, a KanBan Board shows as a 2nd page/module in My Work.
  • Board Status Field: If you have the KanBan enabled, select a task-level choice field that will be the columns/swim lanes in the KanBan board.
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