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This article explains how to use the OnePlan for Project Connector between OnePlan and Microsoft Project.  The OnePlan for Project Connector tools allows project managers to build and manage their project schedules in the MS Project Desktop, and then, sync the project schedule to their Plan in OnePlan.  

From within OnePlan, users can see resource load across all projects, dive into project schedule details, view the Gantt, timeline, critical path, etc.  Also, users can do additional collaboration (even task-level).  Users can also view & work with the tasks in a KanBan board.

You must have both Microsoft Project Desktop & the OnePlan for Project Connector installed locally on your machine to use the OnePlan for Project Connector.  The Project Professional app must also be installed in OnePlan by your admin.

New Plan without a Schedule of Tasks

Typically, you will already have a plan with details, but not yet a schedule.  Navigate to the Schedule Grid page for your plan.  If you don't yet have a plan in OnePlan, create it.  Later, when publishing from Microsoft Project, you'll be prompted to select your plan.

Open Microsoft Project

Build your task schedule.  When ready to publish, open the OnePlan menu.

Connect to OnePlan Group & Plan

Click Connect.  Authenticate to your Office365 account.

Select OnePlan Group

You may have access to multiple OnePlan groups/instances.  If so, select your group.

Save Plan

Save your project schedule as the same name of its corresponding plan in OnePlan.

Publish Project Schedule to OnePlan

Now that your Project file is connected to OnePlan, it's time to publish this schedule to OnePlan.

Click Publish.

Select Plan

The connector looks for the existing plans in your OnePlan group.  Select your plan.

Map Resources / Build Team

You may map resources before publishing, by selecting Map Resources in the OnePlan menu.  Or, you may wait to be prompted to map resources during the publish process.  

Custom Filters for Mapping Resources

If you have a large Resource Center in OnePlan, you may add filters to limit which resources show for mapping.  Select a resource-level field, such as department, role, etc. Select the operator, and enter the desired filter value.  If adding additional rows, select And/Or for how the filters should work together.  Once the filters are set, you may minimize the filter section again to map the resources.

Menu options: Refresh/Apply Filter, Save Filter, Add Filter Row, Remove Filter Row

Save Filter

If you expect to use the same or similar filters, click the Save Filter icon.  Enter the filter name.  It will now show under the saved filters drop down.

Map Resources

Select the name of a OnePlan resource on the left side.  Select the name of a resource from your MS Project schedule on the right side.  Click Replace.  This will replace any references to that MS Project schedule resource with the name of the OnePlan resource.  

Select the name of a OnePlan resource on the left side. Click Add.  This will add the name to the MS Project schedule list of resources.

If a name is mapped that you want to change, select the row on the right side, then click the Remove button.  

You may select the check box to not show on publish (you'll still be able to manually map resources via the ribbon button).

Once all mappings are done, click the Publish button.

Publish Successful

Open Plan in OnePlan

Open the Schedule Grid page of your plan.  If you were already there, refresh your browser.  The tasks will show for your plan now.

View Which Plans are Connected to MS Project

Navigate to the Portfolios page.  Any plans connected to MS Project will show the Project icon on the row.

Updated Team

Any tasks assigned to resources in the MS Project schedule when mapped and published will be added to your plan team (Shared With).

Updates in Project Schedule

Through the life of the project, come back to your MS Project schedule.  Click the Update button to review the updates to tasks made by the team members. If there are no updates, you'll be notified.  Otherwise, you may review to accept or reject the updates.

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