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This article explains how to install the OnePlan for Project Connector between OnePlan and Microsoft Project.  The OnePlan for Project Connector tools allows project managers to build and manage their project schedules in the MS Project Desktop, and then sync the project schedule to OnePlan.  

You must have Microsoft Project Desktop installed locally on your machine to use the OnePlan for Project Connector.  Have Microsoft Project installed prior to installing the OnePlan connector.

Install OnePlan for Project Connector Tool

Navigate to the OnePlan Integration page for Microsoft Project:

Click the blue button to install the connector.

Save the Download File

If prompted, click Save.  Do not click Run.  Instead, go to your Downloads folder (or wherever you may have saved it).  

Unblock Download File

You may prompted that the download file is blocked.  Open the properties for the download file.  On the general tab, select the check box for Unblock.

Run Installer Setup Wizard

Open Microsoft Project

After the installation is complete, open Microsoft Project.  The first time you open MS Project, you will be prompted to confirm installation of the connector add-in.  You may start with a blank schedule & build it out, or begin with an existing schedule/template.  Click Install.

OnePlan Menu in Microsoft Project

Once installed, the OnePlan Connector will show the OnePlan menu.  

OnePlan Connector Settings

Hide Resource Mapping on Publish: Select the check box to skip the resource mapping on publish.  Users would instead click the Map Resources button on the ribbon prior to publishing.

Check for Updates: Select the check box to auto-check for updates each time you open MS Project.  You may also manually check for updates if you leave that option unchecked.

Synch Choice Fields: Click this button to synch the choice options for fields mapped between OnePlan and MS Project.  

OnePlan Help

The OnePlan Help menu directs the user to the OnePlan online guide.

Follow to the article How to Use the OnePlan for Project Connector for how to connect your plan and project schedule. Use the OnePlan for Project Connector


If you have the Check for Updates box checked, when a new version is available, you will be prompted to download the latest version.

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