How do I get around the Portfolios page?

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This article explains the navigation and terminology for the Portfolios app in OnePlan.  The Portfolios app provides visibility into all plans.  It's a summary view to analyze multiple/all plans at once.  Organizations may use the Portfolios app for portfolio analysis, comparing strategic scenarios, road map visual planning, and more.


The Portfolios page heading has navigation to the different view modes: List, Board, Roadmap, and Dashboard.


Views are saved under each view mode/heading, i.e. List, Board, and Roadmap.

Use the view drop down menu to navigate to any pre-configured views, to save new views, or to delete views.  

To save a new view, get the view set up as you like it.  On the view drop down menu, select Save View.  Enter the view name.  If this is to be a personal view, check the box.  Click Save.

Portfolio Pages - List, Board, Roadmap, Dashboard

Select the links to open their respective pages.

  • The List page include a table with all the plans.  The Gantt chart, Resource Pane, Financials Pane can be toggled on/off.  Plans can be prioritized and edited from the Portfolios page.
  • The Board page is a KanBan board.  Users choose which fields to be the lanes & which data to show on the tiles.
  • The Roadmap page is a visual layout of the plans over time.  Users choose by what data element to group & color code the plans.
  • The Dashboard page includes the PowerBI reports highlighting important analytic data about the health of plans, financials, resource plans, etc.

Icon Menu

The following icons & options show on the Icon Menu on the Portfolios List page:

  • New Plan - Create a new plan.  If you have different plan types configured, you will see each available plan type for selection.
  • Expand/Collapse All - If you have the view grouping or if you have the tree grid view enabled, click the expand/collapse all buttons to expand or collapse all groupings.
  • Zoom - The zoom applies to the Gantt chart.  Options include Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year.
  • Plan Type - select to view a single plan type or All Types.
  • Group By - Select a plan-level field to group by or select None.
  • Filter - Filter the plans by selecting one or multiple plan level fields.   You may also filter by process step (stage).  Select Clear Filters to clear all selected filters.
  • Prioritize - Click the icon to toggle on/off the prioritization columns to manually prioritize plans.
  • Gantt - Click the icon to toggle on/off the Gantt chart on the right side of the screen.
  • Pivot Chart - Click the icon to toggle on/off the pivot chart on the bottom of the screen.
  • Resource Plans - Click the icon to toggle on/off the Resource Plans on the bottom of the screen.
  • Financial Plans - Click the icon to toggle on/off the Financial Plans on the bottom of the screen.
  • Scenarios - If Resource & Financial Plans are showing, you can save & compare scenarios for your portfolio.


You may manually prioritize the plans.  Click the Prioritize icon to toggle on the prioritization feature.  The ordered numbers appear on the left.  Click & drag the plans up & down to make them higher or lower priority.  

Gantt Chart

Click the Gantt icon to toggle the Gantt chart on or off.  A bar shows for each plan.  The bars can be set up by the administrator to be different colors.  Hover over a plan's bar to see the title, dates, & % complete for that plan.

Resource Plans

Click the Resource Plans icon to show the Resource Plans at the bottom 1/2 of the screen.  Choose the mode (hours, FTE, or percent), Cost Type, and Dates to view below.  

Financial Plans

Click the Financial Plans icon to show the Financial Plans at the bottom 1/2 of the screen.  Choose the cost types to view and compare.  Select currency (if in use) & dates.  Create targets to compare against the financial plan totals.

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